Lateral Police Officer

City of Reno, NV
Reno Police Department

$65,000.00 – $89,044.80 Annually

Job Summary:
This open competitive opportunity is for qualified law enforcement officers who are interested in continuing their careers in public safety with an organization dedicated to providing quality service to the community.

The City of Reno and the Reno Police Department are committed to providing equal employment opportunities to everyone. This commitment is an integral part of all our efforts to ensure we have a diverse and representative workforce that serves our community.
Reno Police Department is currently filling multiple Lateral Police Officer positions. The hiring process will begin immediately upon acceptance of your application.

Examples of Essential FunctionsUpon successful completion of the Reno Police Lateral Academy, Police Officers are placed into the Police Training Officer (PTO) Program.

  • Patrols an assigned area on foot, in a patrol car, on a motorcycle or other means of transportation; checks stores, businesses, houses, and other premises for burglary, and other disturbances; investigates any suspicious conditions.
  • Makes arrests for violation of laws or ordinances; escorts prisoners to incarceration; and may register and book prisoners.
  • Prepares record of arrest and submits detailed reports of investigation made; responds to complaints; controls crowds; cooperates with other law enforcement officers.
  • Enforces traffic and parking regulations; directs traffic; investigates traffic accidents and obtains information incidental to the event; as assigned, serves as an escort; transfers prisoners; administers first aid in emergency situations.
  • Maintains relations with community through periodic meetings; may assist in the supervision and training of new recruits.
  • Assists the public by locating lost children and pets; assists motorists with stolen vehicles; observes traffic hazards and makes recommendations for their correction.
  • Keeps records and makes reports; assists superiors in their work and may act for them in their absence.
  • Attends training courses and instructional meetings; may be called on at any time for emergency duties; may assist other emergency personnel as needed.
  • Makes initial and supplementary investigation of crimes in areas such as personal violence, theft, checks intelligence, juvenile, and others; investigates cases involving missing persons, lost children, and runaways; interviews witnesses and complainants.
  • Collects material evidence and does crime scene work; takes photographs; performs surveillance of persons and places; apprehends, interviews, and arrests suspects; prepares and submits reports; testifies at hearings and in court; assists other jurisdictions and agencies.
  • Participates in undercover investigation of narcotics, gambling, subversive activities, vice, racial disturbances, and other activities, violations, and crimes.
  • Makes investigations to determine whether juvenile offenders should be returned to the custody of the home, given a formal hearing, referred to a social agency or to juvenile court; works with social agencies, schools, and groups.
  • Gives speeches, lectures, and demonstrations; keeps records and logs; acts as training officer for recruit police personnel in the basic patrol and/or traffic function and the training of confirmed police officers in areas deemed necessary by police administration.
  • Completes performance evaluation of recruit police officers assigned on a regular basis; performs other related work as required.



  • High School Diploma or equivalent.


  • Two years of patrol experience (may include probationary time) OR
  • Successful completion of the Northern Nevada Law Enforcement Academy (NNLEA)

License and Certificate:

  • Possess and maintain the equivalent to a valid Nevada Class C driver’s license at the time of application and at time of hire.
  • Possession of a Nevada POST Category 1 Certificate, or an out-of-state POST Category 1 Certificate which has reciprocity with Nevada. Basic Certificate must be in good standing.