Lateral Police Officer

Eugene, OR
Eugene Police Department
Salary: $61,734.40 - 78,707.20 Annually

Joining the Eugene Police Department will give you the opportunity to be part of a progressive, professional law enforcement agency that serves a city of more than 156,000 residents. In a typical day, Eugene Police Officers are dispatched to about 275 calls for service (100,000 calls each year). EPD staff members also engage in proactive community education and crime-prevention activities to help protect all of Eugene’s residents.

Joining the Eugene Department will allow you to:
• Have a rewarding career with competitive pay and benefits
• Work in a fast-paced environment with varied work including promotional and special team opportunities
• Benefit from excellent training opportunities

If you have the qualities of integrity, professionalism, teamwork, strong communication skills, and the ability to problem solve in a dynamic situation, then we would encourage you to join our department.

$61,734.40 – $78,707.20 Annually


Patrols assigned district, by vehicle or foot, to detect and deter crime, and enforces state and municipal laws and ordinances, such as traffic and criminal codes and statutes; decides on whether to issue citations or make arrests.

Rapidly responds to a variety of calls of diverse incidents in progress or responds to past incidents, including traffic violations, property crimes such as burglaries and robberies, various violent crimes, neighborhood and domestic disputes.

Assesses situations, decides whether laws have been violated, and impartially decides upon appropriate actions and/or enforcement of appropriate laws (including situations such as traffic or person stops, custody situations, surveillance, building, property, and people searches); analyzes impact of decision on situation.

Communicates with dispatcher and keeps informed of incidents during shift; assesses whether incident can be handled by officer or requires back-up assistance of fellow officers or a Police Agent, or involvement of a Shift Sergeant.

Decides on use of appropriate physical force required, and, when possible, implements creative solutions to problems.

Directs traffic at incident scene.

Conducts complete and accurate preliminary and follow-up investigations; safeguards incident scene and preserves and/or collects evidence to meet court requirements, including physically protecting crime scene, preserving or collecting fingerprints, taking photographs or video tape of crime scene, and identifying and collecting other appropriate incident evidence.

Conducts investigation of vehicle accidents.

Interviews suspects and victims to gather accurate details of incidence.

Effectively handles violent, mentally ill, or intoxicated individuals.

Effectively deals with distraught and upset victims.

Effectively relates to people of diverse cultural backgrounds both in enforcement and preventative situations.

Under guidance of Police Agent, performs follow-up investigations as required.

Transports prisoners to police station and court as assigned.

Participates in special team units as assigned.


Lateral Officer Minimum Qualifications:

To meet the minimum qualifications to be a lateral candidate at the Eugene Police Department, the following Experience, Education, and Certification requirements must be met at the time of application:

At least three years of continuous service exercising police powers at a city (municipal), county or state police agency responsible for responding to emergency 9-1-1 calls. The service must be current, full-time, and continuous with no more than a 30 day break in service at the time of application, and the candidate must have been so employed within 90 days of the Eugene Police Department hire date.

High school diploma, GED, or equivalent

Lateral officers with a state certification recognized by Oregon do not have to attend the DPSST Basic Academy. Lateral officers with a state certification not recognized by Oregon, must attend a two-week Career Officer Development Academy at DPSST in Salem upon hire. Candidates must also meet the minimum requirements for certification by DPSST upon date of hire. For the most current information regarding certification recognition and requirements and to answer any specific questions, please contact DPSST directly at .

Must be able to work various shifts, nights, weekends and holidays. Officers assigned to a patrol team are currently working a 4/10 work schedule. Emergency response time for a Police Officer requires reporting to work and being ready for duty within 45 minutes of notification.