Lateral Police Officer

Madras, OR
Madras Police Department

Salary: $61,907 – $88,006 annually.

Position Summary:

Lateral Police Officer performs law enforcement and crime prevention work that includes patrol, investigation, service of warrants, issuance of citations for violation of city ordinances and state statutes, and general enforcement of state, and local laws.

Essential Functions:

  • Patrols a designated work shift that will vary from time-to-time. Maintains continuous availability by radio and/or telephone while working a shift. Conducts automobile and foot patrol, traffic control, investigation, and first-aid duties at incidents or accidents.
  • Patrols city streets, parks, commercial and residential areas to deter crime, preserve peace, and enforce the law, control vehicular traffic, prevent or detect and investigate misconduct and law violations.
  • Responds to calls and reports of possible crime and takes initial action as situations require for securing the scene. Responds to emergency calls for a variety of incidents such as, but not limited to, accidents, civil disturbances, domestic disturbances, missing children, prowlers, etc. Ensures that calls for ambulance and other assistance are made.
  • Interviews and interrogates available victims, witnesses, and suspects. Completes incident and arrest reports. Gathers and preserves evidence. Describes and documents the scene of the incident to include measurements, photographs, and descriptions. Analyzes and evaluates evidence and arrests or issues citations to offenders.
  • Conducts follow-up investigations of incidents and crimes during the assigned work shift. Locates and interviews victims, witnesses, and suspects. Develops leads. Searches the scene of the incident for additional evidence. Documents and prepares cases for arrest and legal proceedings.
  • Participates in the investigation of criminal law violations. Gathers crime scene evidence and compiles information to support investigations. Prepares cases for filing of charges, court testifying, and related uses.
  • Prepares a variety of records and reports such as, but not limited to, investigations, field interrogations, vehicle impound, traffic hazards, alcohol-breath analyzer readings, bad checks, and routine shift activity.
  • Coordinates work activities with other officers and City departments, as needed. Exchanges information with other law enforcement agencies. Seeks advice from the City Attorney, Courts, and Chief of Police to support work activity and direction.
  • Participates in community-based Police activity and programs. Provides general information about department activities and special programs.
  • Performs other duties as assigned that support the overall objective of the position.


  • Requires the ability to carry out all aspects of the position and analyze situations quickly and objectively to recognize actual and potential dangers and determine proper course of action.
  • Requires the ability to read and understand laws, ordinances, rules and regulations.
  • Requires the ability to read and write in English and prepare reports.
  • Requires the ability to cope with stressful situations firmly, tactfully, and with respect for individual citizen’s rights.
  • Requires the ability to communicating clearly, verbally and in writing.
  • Requires the ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with fellow employees and with citizens from varied racial, ethnic, and economic backgrounds.
  • Requires the ability to organize and use investigative techniques and procedures.
  • Requires the ability to observe and remember detail.
  • Requires the ability to work varying shifts and work locations.
  • To qualify you must have one (1) full year of continuous service in another police agency as a sworn police officer for a recognized state, county or city (municipal) agency, or as sworn Indian Tribal Police and must have been employed there within the last six months.
  • The position also requires a high school diploma or equivalent (a two-year degree or vocational training in criminal justice, police science or related field is desirable).
  • This position requires the basic certification from the Department of Public Safety, Standards and Training (DPSST) or equivalent local, state, or federal certification as a police officer or sheriff’s deputy.
  • Successful candidates will have no disqualifying criminal history within the past five years or any felony convictions and must complete a background investigation.
  • Applicants must be at least 21 years of age.
  • Have a valid driver’s license.