Lateral Police Officer

Port Orchard, WA
Port Orchard Police Department

Salary: $41.54 – $49.48 Hourly.

Position Summary:

Under general supervision from the Police Sergeant, the Police Officer is responsible for protecting lives and property within his/her jurisdiction. It is important for persons in this position to maintain a high public profile in order to deter criminal behavior.

Essential Functions:

  • Operates a motor vehicle for extended periods of time in all environmental conditions, and on occasion at high speeds and in congested traffic situations.
  • Apprehends those suspected of unlawful activity, cautiously observing legal guidelines regarding arrests and individual civil rights.
  • Patrols city limits from a police car, other police vehicle or on foot to monitor activity.
  • Monitors and enforces traffic laws and safety ordinances within a prescribed jurisdiction.
  • Patrols and examines buildings and residences to detect suspicious conditions.
  • Detects and/or prevents criminal activities.
  • Directs traffic in congested and emergency areas; reports safety hazards.
  • Identifies and eliminates hazards to public safety.
  • Issues citations for various infractions.
  • Responds to scene of accident and investigates cause.
  • Responds to calls for service and assistance.
  • Provides first aid as needed.
  • Investigates and interviews victims, witnesses and potential suspects.
  • Appears in court to testify as needed.
  • Conducts detailed investigations and gathers information that pertains to suspected criminal activities.
  • Conducts follow-up investigations based upon reports and other data compiled by department personnel.
  • Searches for and preserves evidence.
  • Makes oral and written reports.
  • Prepares reports pertaining to arrests and investigations.
  • Records information related to daily patrol activities and preparation of reports based on this information to aid in the prosecution of offenders.
  • Maintains liaison with other departments and agencies.
  • Participates in various training sessions.
  • Become qualified and obtain any certifications required by local, state or federal law.
  • Conducts light preventative maintenance on departmental equipment.
  • Meet minimum department standards on firearms qualification.


  • Be 21 years old or older.
  • Possess valid Washington state driver’s license.
  • Be able to qualify on the shooting range.
  • Be able to pass Washington State medical standards for police officers.
  • Have the ability to read, understand and interpret ordinances, laws, and other operating procedures and to communicate orally and in writing.
  • Have the ability and willingness to maintain strict confidentiality.
  • Possess a high school diploma or GED equivalent.
  • Be capable of passing applicable civil service or city required employment testing, such as, but not limited to, psychological, physical agility, polygraph.
  • Be capable of satisfactorily prescribed courses of training at the academy and during in-service training progress, as required.
  • Must be legally permitted to possess a firearm in the State of Washington.
  • Must be legally qualified to work in the United States.
  • All city employees must successfully pass a pre-employment Drug Testing as prescribed by the City’s Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy.