Lateral Police Officer

Airway Heights, WA
Airway Heights Police Department

Salary: $82,824 – $87,864.

Position Summary:

Positions in this classification are responsible for general duty and investigator police work. Incumbents are committed to the protection of life and property, apprehension of criminals, enforcement of laws and ordinances and preservation of the peace. Work is performed in assigned shifts, from patrol cars or on foot. Assignments may vary between uniform patrol, preliminary investigation, and traffic enforcement. Officers rotate shifts and may work either day or night. The work involves an element of danger and may at times require the use of physical strength and agility to apprehend and physically subdue persons suspected of committing crimes. The Police Officer exercises considerable independence in the field, and must be able to adequately interpret ordinances and policy when making judgments or decisions.

Essential Functions:

  • Patrols designated areas of the city in a radio equipped vehicle, or on foot, to preserve law and order, prevent or discover criminal activity and enforce motor vehicle regulations.
  • Provides direction and assistance to person in need and responds to calls and complaints involving emergencies, criminal complaints or vehicle accidents.
  • Monitors and directs vehicle and pedestrian traffic and enforces traffic regulations. Issues citations when appropriate.
  • Conducts investigations, gathers and analyzes evidence, obtains witnesses, determines probable cause for arrest, makes arrests and transports suspects.
  • Conducts searches and seizures.
  • Interrogates suspects to obtain information.
  • Prepares detailed written reports of complaints and investigations.
  • Appears in court, gives testimony and presents evidence as necessary
  • Exercises force when necessary to physically subdue persons suspected of criminal activity. May become involved in situations requiring high-speed pursuit and may be called upon to provide emergency assistance by administering CPR and applying basic first aid.
  • Acts as a resource and point of public contact. Makes referrals to appropriate city departments or agencies.
  • Performs all other duties as assigned by the City Manager.


  • Two years of sworn, non-military, patrol officer experience.
  • State-issued Basic Law Enforcement certificate.
  • Currently employed as a law enforcement officer or have left such employment in good standing (within 5 years) and have a valid law enforcement commission, at time of hire.
  • Applicants from states other than Washington must have the ability to obtain Basic or Equivalency Law Enforcement certification by the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission, within the probationary period.