Lateral Police Officer

Hermiston, OR
Hermiston Police Department

The City of Hermiston is currently accepting applications for the position of Lateral Police Officer salary range $4,936 – $7,198/mo. (plus additional incentives such as: 5% bilingual pay, 5% Corporal Pay, 5% Detective Pay, $150/mo AA degree and/or $250 BA degree, additional collateral assignments at $250/mo etc.)

Performs law enforcement and crime prevention work including patrol and investigation; enforces federal, state and local laws; does related work as required. Performs general law enforcement work.

This position requires a high school diploma or equivalency. A valid Oregon driver’s license and proof of an acceptable driving record are required. Possession of a Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST) Basic Police Certificate.

Examples of Duties – Essential Functions
1. Patrols streets, businesses and residential areas to enforce traffic and criminal laws; issues warnings or citations for violations; performs security checks for suspicious persons or vehicles.
2. Responds to calls, including major crimes, civil complaints, thefts, assaults, family disputes, juvenile complaints, and takes appropriate action maintaining complete confidentiality of privileged information.
3. Maintains written records and prepares reports necessary for accident and crime investigations, crime prevention, prosecution and office activities.
4. Investigates traffic accidents which includes checking for injured persons, administering emergency first aid, and controlling the accident scene to insure the safety of all persons.
5. Conducts investigations and interrogations; gathers evidence and takes statements of victims, suspects, witnesses, bystanders, neighbors/friends, etc. Coordinates with police special units.