Lateral Entry Police Officer

Walla Walla, WA
Walla Walla Police Department

Salary: $6,967 – $9,246/month.

Position Summary:

Performs a variety of public safety work providing emergency aid, security, and protection to the community’s citizens.

General direction and oversight is provided by the assigned Shift Sergeant.

Essential Functions:

  • Employees of the City of Walla Walla are expected to model and foster the City’s core values: Service – Integrity – Collaboration – Equity – Leadership – Community.
  • Employees of the Police Department are expected to model and foster the Department’s core values: Service – Pride – Integrity and Return with Honor in all endeavors.
  • Patrol assigned area to aid in preventing crime and to enforce Federal, State and City laws and regulations.
  • Observe report and act upon conditions conducive to crime and dangersuch as checking buildings and residencesfor security, assisting other officers on traffic stops and checking suspicious persons and vehicles. Reports traffic hazards and directs traffic flow when necessary.
  • Determinesthe nature of a call, investigatesthe circumstances, and takes any necessary and prudent action, such as making arrests and transporting prisoners. Searches prisoners, collects personal effects, and assures proper receipting and safeguarding of personal effects.
  • Provides assistance to the public in emergency and non-emergency situations. Administersfirst aid and requests medical service. Performs crisis intervention in sensitive situationssuch a family dispute.
  • Provides general information to the public on laws and ordinances. Assists persons with complaints and inquiries or directs them to the appropriate authorities.
  • Prepares a variety of records and reports, such as reports on arrests, property impounded, accidents offenses, and damage to property.
  • Performsinvestigative assignments on serious crimes; conducts interviews of victims, witnesses and suspects;submits progress reports on cases under investigation; collects and documents evidence and may arrest suspects.
  • Appears in court and is available to testify in matters which the officer has knowledge.
  • Maintains proficiency in the use of police related equipment.
  • Prepares and maintainslegible, concise, and understandable incident reports.
  • May perform special assignmentsrelated to investigation, crime prevention, traffic control, school resource, K-9, or SWAT.
  • May assist in the training of new officers and reservists.


  • High school graduate or equivalent.
  • Must be a U.S. citizen, or lawful permanent resident.
  • Must be 21 years of age when applying.
  • Have successfully completed the Basic Law Enforcement Academy in Washington state (or in a state that has a reciprocity with Washington state).
  • Must hold a current and valid Washington State police officer certification or meet the requirementsfor the equivalency academy as outlined in Washington Administrative Code (WAC) 139-05 210.
  • Must possess valid driver’slicense and proof of good driving record.
  • A background investigation must verify no prior criminal conviction or activity.
  • An Associates and/or bachelor’s degree. Bilingual in Spanish.