Lateral Deputy Sheriff

Seattle, WA
King County Sheriff's Office

$73,403.20 – $102,772.80 Annually

12/31/2022 11:59 PM Pacific

With a commissioned staff of more than 770, we are among the largest sheriff’s departments in the country.  Our deputies have opportunities to serve in many different communities, including unincorporated King County, numerous contract city police departments, transit police agencies, and so many more.

As a lateral hire, your take-home patrol car is issued to you soon after being sworn-in and qualifying with your weapon. Starting pay is commensurate with experience, and evaluated individually. Out of state lateral hires may be eligible for reimbursement of qualifying moving expenses up to $5,000.

 $15,000 for lateral candidates; receive $5,000 on your first paycheck and $10,000 when you pass probation, with a three year commitment.

Job Duties

We serve unincorporated King County and operate numerous city police departments plus transit police units.  We offer dozens of unique assignments that range from school or community-based positions to drug enforcement and bomb disposal.

All deputies begin their career on patrol (no jail service required). Our deputies gain a strong sense of ownership in their communities by interacting with the residents, business owners, and visitors in the area. Job duties include but are not limited to:

  • Patrol a designated area of the county, assisting persons in trouble and rendering other public safety services as needed.
  • Respond to calls of service and take action as the situation requires, such as securing the scene, interviewing victims and witnesses, securing and gathering evidence, completing incident and arrest reports, investigating persons suspected of being engaged in crime.
  • Investigate family disputes, reports of maltreatment of children, and complaints about persons with social or behavioral problems. Required action includes taking principals into custody or referring them to appropriate agencies, such as juvenile and medical authorities.
  • Complete administrative tasks, such as report writing, on time and with attention to detail and accuracy.
  • Testify in court including presenting facts and observations accurately and objectively and attesting to chain-of-custody in evidence handling.
  • Participate in community policing activities and serve as a resource to the community.
  • Perform related work as required, including assignments in administrative, investigative and special operations units.

Experience, Qualifications, Knowledge, Skills


  • Experience as a full-time commissioned police officer with at least 12 months of active patrol after completion of all academy training. Time training on active patrol (PTO/FTO or similar) will count towards the 12 months of active patrol requirement.
  • Successful completion of probation as a commissioned officer with a city, county or state police or sheriff’s department. Federal experience does not qualify.
  • Less than a two-year break in service from a former police officer position.
  • Academy training that meets or exceeds the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Center’s standards (720 hours).
  • Out-of-state applicants will be required to complete an 80-hour equivalency academy.