Jail Corrections Officer – Lateral

Spokane, WA
Spokane County


$58,008.29 – $78,270.36 Annually

Job Summary:

The position allocated to this class is responsible for supervising the activities of inmates at a minimum and/or a maximum Correctional Facility under the supervision of a Sergeant. Work includes the necessity for prompt action in emergencies and awareness of and compliance with correctional policies at the facility. Incumbents are charged with maintaining the security of the Correctional Facility, and the safety, discipline, and well-being of the inmates. Work is performed with some latitude for independent judgment and action is reviewed by a superior through reports, meetings, and the results obtained.

  • Performs custody duties which includes.
  • Pat and strip-searching inmates, monitoring inmate work assignments
  • Inspecting inmate quarters in facility buildings to detect contraband.
  • Conducting urinalysis and/or breath analysis tests
  • Conducting counts and security checks.
  • Assisting medical staff in caring for the health of inmates and/or rendering first aid as necessary.
  • Prepares and transports inmates to court, medical and/or dental appointments, hospital transport, guard duty and agency transport.
  • Serves warrants, subpoenas, writs and other legal papers.
  • Oversees food service, routine cleaning and the personal hygiene of inmates.
  • May be required to assist in fingerprinting and photographing individuals.
  • Testifies in court or hearings, as required.
  • Follows facility temporary release procedures including punching time clocks and ensuring that inmates assigned to work release sign out; and, follows facility re-entry procedures including identifying persons, unlocking security doors, punching time clocks, and allowing work release inmates to secure property.
  • Follows facility release procedures including booking in and out, positive identification of inmates, reviews release paperwork and returns personal belongings to that inmate with proper documentation when they are released through established procedures of bail, court order, or as directed by an appropriate authority.
  • Operates the security doors that facilitate the release.
  • Follows facility booking procedures including identifying persons, receiving, searching and booking incoming inmates, unlocking security doors, ensuring intake paperwork is correctly completed and issuing the proper supplies and storing personal effects according to established policy and procedure.
  • Answers inmates’ questions regarding the facilities rules, regulations, and policies and procedures.
  • Maintains custody and control of inmates by enforcing facility rules and maintains safety and discipline according to established regulations and policies and procedures.
  • Supervises resident living areas, and ensures that cleaning procedures and activities are being followed.
  • Supervises inmates during meals, visiting, and outings in the community.
  • Checks court orders for release and/or detention of inmates.
  • Maintains and writes routine records and reports.
  • Observes significant behavior changes and/or problems in inmates and reports such incidents to the appropriate staff.
  • Performs other related work as required.



Education and Experience:

  • High School graduate or GED certificate
  • Prior work experience is preferred.
  • Must possess a valid driver’s license.
  • Applicants selected must successfully pass a criminal background check which includes a polygraph examination, a psychological evaluation and a medical evaluation.

Special Requirements:

  • Pass a Physical Ability Test (PAT) exam as part of the hiring process. Which includes: fifteen (15) situ-ups, twelve (12) push-ups and twenty-five (25) squat thrusts.
  • Selected Applicants will be required to successfully complete the ten (10) week Washing State Criminal Justice Training Commission Corrections Officers Academy within the first six (6) months after appointment.