Jail Corrections Deputy

Vale, OR
Malheur County Sheriff's Office

Salary: $3,654.87 Monthly.

Position Summary:

Work is performed to provide care and custody of adult prisoners and to maintain order and discipline among the prisoners of the Malheur County Jail. Employees in this classification are responsible for the operation of the jail on a 24-hour, 7 day a week basis, and the direct and indirect supervision of the inmates.

Work is performed under the general supervision from a Senior Corrections Officer or Corrections Sergeant.

Supervision is not normally a function of this class. Employees occupying position of this class may be assigned to train other employees.

Essential Functions:

  • Control access to jail facilities; maintain key and equipment control; operate and monitor surveillance and electronic security equipment; conduct security and inmate welfare checks; conduct searches; control contraband/inmate property; conduct emergency drills and inmate count.
  • Supervise inmate’s movement; counsel inmates regarding their behavior in jail; supervise inmate program activities; maintain discipline; review and recommend classification and housing of inmates.
  • Conduct inmate status checks; monitor inmates to ensure that health standards are maintained; maintain activity schedules; supervise meal services to ensure all inmates receive all scheduled meals; schedule inmates for medical, dental and mental health care.
  • Book new inmates; confirm the arresting agency; oversee compliance with entry security procedures; conduct frisk/ and or strip search of inmates and remove personal property; searches and inventory personal property; confiscate illegal personal property; remove restraints and complete fingerprinting and photographing; assign initial custody classification, and release status; assign inmates to appropriate housing area, issue clothing and bedding.
  • Establish inmates release validity; initiate inmate movement to the appropriate area; verify the inmate identity and return personal clothing and property; collect county property; and insure the accurate completion of the release agreement.
  • Respond to jail emergencies including medical, minor or major inmate disturbances, failure of facility physical plant systems, escapes and fires and natural disasters.
  • Read and comply with department policies and procedures; write reports; enforce inmate rules; participate in training and collateral duty assignments.
  • Conduct security and perimeter checks; transport and supervise inmates outside of the jail; conduct emergency drills; and use mechanical restraints and/ or physical force as necessary.
  • Dispense prescribed medication; supervise inmates during recreation activities, on work projects, trusties working in the county, and visitation; and provide laundry exchange and commissary access.
  • Greet the public in person and by telephone; answer questions and inform the public about inmate welfare, jail procedures, visitation, and court procedures.
  • Supervise inmate on work projects within the jail and external community services and public works projects; and may monitor inmate in a variety of minimum custody settings.
  • Serve subpoenas to inmates; and warrants of arrest.
  • Appear in court as a witness.
  • Perform Courthouse Security as assigned.
  • Regular physical attendance at the employer’s facility is required.
  • Perform related duties as assigned.


  1. Must be twenty-one years of age.
  2. High School Diploma or G.E.D certificate; required by DPSST.
  3. Valid Oregon State driver’s license.
  4. Complete Malheur County Sheriff’s Office background investigation.
  5. Must pass a medical exam and psychological evaluation prior to appointment.
  6. Must be free of conviction of a crime other than a minor traffic violation.
  7. Must be certifiable as a corrections deputy by the Oregon Department of Public Standards and Training.
  8. Basic First Aid and CPR.
  9. This position requires the occasional use of a vehicle to conduct County business.
  10. Possession of a valid Drivers’ License with a good driving history required.
  11. A safe and acceptable driving record per County policy must be maintained throughout course of employment.