Full-Time Lateral Police Officer

East Dundee, IL
East Dundee Police Department

Salary: $69,206 and $91,739.

Open until filled


  • An individual who has been previously employed as a full-time sworn officer of a regular police department in any municipal, county, university, or state law enforcement agency within the state of Illinois may apply for a lateral entry position, provided they are certified by the Illinois Law Enforcement Training Standards Board and have been with their respective law enforcement agency within the state for at least 2 years.
  • To be considered for the lateral entry registry, the applicant must submit a completed application form to the board along with proof that they have worked for an Illinois law enforcement agency for two (2) years.
  • Applicants for a lateral hire position must also provide documentation that they have successfully completed the minimum standards basic law enforcement training course pursuant to the Illinois Police Training Act.
  • Every applicant for lateral entry must meet all of the application requirements and prerequisites set forth by the Board of Police Commissioners. Lateral entry applicants will be subject to the normal testing process for initial hires, except that lateral entry applicants will not be subject to a written examination.
  • Lateral hire applicants who have met all hiring prerequisites and oral examination will be placed upon the final eligibility register for lateral entry in order of their relative excellence, based upon their scores on the oral examination.
  • Election of statutory preference points will be processed according to the Board’s rules.
  • Selection from the final eligibility register for lateral entry, including procedures following a conditional offer of employment, will follow the process outlined in the Board’s rules.