Entry Level Police Officer (LEC Exam)

Groton, CT
Groton Town Police Department

Salary: $65,291 to $79,913.

Closing Date: Dec 31, 2025.

Position Summary:

General and specific duty police work in protecting life and property through enforcement of state and federal laws and local ordinances in a diligent, dependable, honest and competent manner.

Maintains patrols of areas of the Town of Groton either on foot or utilizing bicycle, motorcycle or patrol vehicles. Detects and prevents violations of laws and ordinances. Works closely with local businesses, school systems, families, adults and youth in maintaining order and protecting life and property within the confines of the Town of Groton.


  • Possession of a four-year high school diploma or equivalency diploma as certified by the State Board of Education and two (2) years of paid employment.
  • In lieu of employment, thirty (30) credits of higher education from an accredited college or university. Preference will be given to candidates having a Bachelor’s Degree.
  • Sound written and oral communication skills with abilities to make split second decisions concerning the life and welfare of the general public.
  • A demonstrated high moral and ethical character is mandatory for this position.
  • A conviction of a felony or dishonorable discharge from a police department, fire department or from the armed forces will automatically disqualify any candidate from this position.
  • Must possess and maintain a valid Connecticut driver’s license.
  • Must maintain ability to carry and utilize firearms.