Entry Level Police Officer

Cheney, WA
Cheney Police Department

$5,035-$6,729 per month

The Cheney Police have a long-standing tradition for providing quality service to our community and we are working hard to enhance this reputation further. To that end, we are instituting several principles for delivery of service we believe will make us even more responsive to your needs.

As we work to develop the qualities needed to be the best police department we can be, our collective relationships will be stronger and Cheney will continue as a place where business can flourish and our residents and visitors enjoy the highest quality of life.

The Entry-Level Police Officer is an entry level rank for persons, upon hire, who are eligible to enter the Washington State Basic Police Academy. Those who have not yet successfully commenced academy training enter at the level of Police Trainee.

The police officer works under the general supervision of the Police Sergeants and may be assigned to patrol or investigative responsibilities. The assignments involve independent judgment and the careful application of training, law, policy, procedure, and directives. Police officers work rotating schedules and shifts around the clock and throughout the year. A police officer is responsible for general police duties in the enforcement of laws, prevention of crime, and other public services as needed ensure security and safety of persons and property within the City.