Entry Level Police Officer

Salt Lake City, UT
Salt Lake City Police Department

Employees at this level perform entry-level police functions. Assigned duties will consist primarily of actively preventing or detecting crime, providing security, community protection, and enforcement of criminal statutes or ordinances. Employees will respond to situations involving threats to public safety and make emergency decisions affecting the lives and health of others, including in circumstances and at times when personal life or personal safety may be at risk.

Minimum Salary USD $21.01/Hr. Maximum Salary USD $34.76/Hr

This is an entry level position – NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED.



• Suppresses crime through identification and apprehension of criminals and recovery of stolen property.
• Regulates non-criminal conduct, such as traffic control, crowd control, and social relations.
• Compiles and prepares required information and evidence to assist in prosecution of criminal cases. Testifies as a witness and renders credible testimonies in a court of law.
• Reports to scene of accidents and investigates causes and results of accidents.
• Responds to robbery and burglary alarms and other misdemeanor and felony crimes, which may necessitate the exertion of extraordinary physical effort and the use of initiative and common sense.
• Secures the scene of crime, conducts preliminary investigations, gathers evidence, obtains witnesses, and makes arrests.
• Makes investigations of vice and narcotics activities, identifies and recovers stolen property, investigates reports of stolen automobiles and property stolen from automobiles, conducts investigations of homicides and thefts, conducts special investigations for other law enforcement agencies, investigates all complaints on checks and forgeries, investigates complaints of crimes committed by juveniles. May work undercover in performing these functions to obtain evidence to be used in the arrest and conviction of guilty parties.
• Maintains knowledge of criminal and civil law, and police techniques and tactics.
• Attends regular training classes in police methods.
• Provides peripheral services such as giving information, directions, advice and general assistance to the public whenever necessary.
• Performs other related duties as required.



• High school diploma or equivalent.
• Graduation from Utah Police Officers Standards and Training (POST) Academy with P.O.S.T. certification as a Law Enforcement Officer are required within six (6) months of hire.
• Must be a U.S. Citizen on/by the date of the first examination.
• Must be at least 21 years of age at the time of certification as a special function officer. The Special Function Officer block is held during the first eight weeks of the police academy.
• Successful completion of Civil Service examination process which may include a physical agility test, written communication exercise, written examination, oral board interview, background investigation, computer voice stress analysis, psychological examination and evaluation, interview, and medical examination and drug screen.
• Considerable human relations and written and communications skills.
• Ability to work independently, make critical decisions, and use initiative and common sense.
• Must possess a valid state driver’s license or Utah driving privilege card (or the ability to obtain one within 30 days of employment).