Entry Level Police Officer

Frederick, MD
Frederick Police Department

$56,079.00 Annually


This position is a municipal police officer with a full service, community-oriented police department. The incumbent conducts law enforcement and peacekeeping activities. The Frederick Police Department promotes a strong involvement with community, using problem solving to address issues of concern. The person in this position is responsible for crime prevention and repression, traffic law enforcement, protective patrol services, arbitration in neighborhood and family disputes, apprehension and arrest (or citation or warning) of criminal law violators and recovery of stolen property.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES:The following duties are considered essential for this job classification.·

  • Patrol assigned area of the City in a car, bicycle, on a motorcycle, or on foot·
  • Enforce local, State and Federal laws·
  • Respond to calls related to the protection of life and property, traffic incidents, and other required emergencies·
  • Prepare reports of arrests made, activities performed, and unusual incidents observed·
  • Conduct both preliminary and follow-up investigations of disturbances, criminal incidents, hazardous incidents, vehicle accidents, and deaths·
  • Make arrests·
  • Interrogate suspects and interview victims, complainants and witnesses·
  • Coordinate and conduct detailed investigations of violent crimes, child abuse, property crimes, vice, gaming, and narcotics violations·
  • Testify and present evidence in court·
  • Provide backup assistance for other officers and personnel·
  • Collect, preserve, and maintain evidence, found property, and property for safekeeping·
  • Assist and advise motorists and enforce traffic safety laws by issuing citations and warnings·
  • Search, fingerprint, and transport prisoners·
  • Respond to demonstrations, riots, hostage situations, barricaded subjects and other extremely hazardous situations·

REQUIRED EDUCATION AND/OR EXPERIENCE:· High School Diploma or GED· United States citizenship· Must reach 21 years of age by graduation from Academy· Possess physical ability to pass agility components of selection process· Be able to successfully complete a written examination and oral interview,· Possess physical and mental ability to meet medical, drug and psychological screening requirements· Possess an excellent moral character and background that will withstand a comprehensive background investigation, and subsequent polygraph(s)

REQUIRED CERTIFICATES AND/OR LICENSES:· Possess a valid Driver’s License (at least equivalent to Maryland Class C)· Possess the ability to receive certification as a police officer from the Maryland Police Training Commission