Entry Level Police Officer

North Las Vegas, NV
City of North Las Vegas

Entry Level Police Officer
Under direct supervision of chain of command, this position is responsible for the performance of professional police work in preserving and protecting public peace and safety, protecting life and preventing crime through proper enforcement of the law.

Job Responsibility

  • Performs professional policeduties in preservingthe public peace.
  • -Protects life and property; and prevents crime and enforces laws.
  • Builds relationships withresidents, businesse sand stakeholders;promotes community policing.
  • Patrols assigned areas; responds to radio call sand other calls forassistance.
  • Protects crime scene and collects evidence and information.
  • Investigates civil disorder and investigates and makes decisions at the crimescene.
  • Conducts search and seizure.
  • Apprehends and makes arrests; takes statements and prepares and writes reports.
  • Enforces DUI/traffic laws.
  • Transports persons in custody.
  • Provides emergency assistance.
  • Writes and reads reports and other documents.
  • Appears in court to present testimony.
  • May assist in trainin new personnel as needed.
  • Performs other related duties asassigned.


  • U.S. citizen and at least 21 years old
  • Must have a high school diploma or G.E.D.
  • Must have a valid Nevada driver’s license at time of hire
  • Must have character above reproach
  • No gross misdemeanor or felony convictions
  • No domestic battery convictions
  • Applicants with lesser criminal records will be evaluated on a nindividual basis
  • Tattoos cannot extend beyond a uniform collar or sleeve.