Westport, MA
Westport Police Department

Salary: $21.83 to $22.97.

Closing Date: May 13, 2024.

Position Summary:

Work is performed under police station conditions; position can involve stressful situations. Regular work schedule may require rotating work on evenings, night shifts or weekends. Operates computer, both LEAP and CJIS/NCIC; operates all dispatching equipment including two-way radio equipment, and police scanner.

Makes regular contact with other town departments, state and federal offices and officials, and the general public, requiring excellent customer service skills.

Essential Functions:

  • Dispatches safety, service, and other appropriate personnel to emergency 9-1-1 calls.
  • Maintains constant and diligent monitoring of the radio system.
  • Coordinates back-up support activities.
  • Receives and records telephone calls and requests for service or information.
  • Makes initial decisions regarding priorities of calls for service.
  • Maintains active computer entries regarding documented complaints.
  • Keeps supervisory personnel aware of priority calls and equipment status.
  • Communicates via telephone or radio with other agencies, such as utility companies, alarm services, ambulance companies, town and state highway departments, animal control officers, towing agencies, courts, clerks, hospitals, water departments, etc.
  • Enters relevant information into the LEAPS computer system, e.g., missing persons, articles and vehicles; retrieves various LEAPS information for police officers, as requested.
  • Monitors all radio frequencies in the communications center; ascertains that all radio equipment is properly functioning and reports any breakdown or defects immediately upon discovering them to the officer in charge.
  • Answers inquiries from, and provides information to, the public concerning such things as directions, special events, and municipal services; directs the public to appropriate sources of information and appropriate personnel.
  • Maintains police and fire incident reporting.
  • Maintains accurate, detailed records, logs, files and other pertinent information.
  • Maintains all certifications, licenses and professional associations in order to keep abreast of current dispatching procedures.
  • Provides clerical assistance to Chief of Police, police secretary and police officers, as needed.
  • Performs similar or related work as required, or as the situation dictates.


  • Education and Experience: High school graduation or equivalent; one year of experience in a responsible position involving working with the public; some work experience in emergency services is desirable; or an equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Special Requirements: Certification in LEAPS – Certification in VESTA – Certification in APCO (40-hour basic telecommunication course) – Certification in CPR – Certification as First Responder – Certification in suicide prevention – Certification in EMD through Total Response
  • Knowledge. Working knowledge of the layout of the town, as well as local businesses and landmarks. Familiarity with related rules, regulations, orders, policies and procedures. Knowledge of information dissemination procedures related to criminal offenders, and public record. Working knowledge of computers. Working knowledge of modern office practices and procedures. Basic understanding of the police and fire department operations, and familiarity with town bylaws.
  • Ability. Ability to learn communications systems techniques. Ability to handle emergency situations calmly, promptly and efficiently, while under stress. Ability to think clearly in a crisis situation. Ability to elicit needed information from a caller who may be a child, an injured or incapacitated person. Ability to read, write and speak English clearly and give clear directions over the radio and phone. Ability to maintain multiple file systems. Ability to attend to a number of details occurring simultaneously and with absolute accuracy.
  • Skill. Skill in typing, computers and record keeping. Skill in the operation of the above listed equipment.
  • Emergency Medical Dispatch. Trained in medical care with the ability to use predetermined medical Protocols to both dispatch correct resources to an emergency scene and to give instructions to victims and bystanders before arrival of first responders.