Dispatch Trainee

Wellington, KS
Sumner County Sheriff

Salary: $15.71/ hr.

Position Summary:

Under the general supervision of the Watch Supervisor, the Public Safety Dispatch Trainee participates in a learning environment designed to teach the knowledge and skills necessary to perform the duties of a Public Safety Dispatcher. Dispatch Trainees participate in classroom training, skills training, and supervised dispatch. Trainees will be given reading assignments, listen to audiotapes, and watch video presentations to obtain the knowledge needed to be a dispatcher. Trainees will be shown how to use highly technical computer aided dispatch systems (CAD) and multi-channel radio/paging consoles and must demonstrate proficiency in their use.

Essential Functions:

  • Demonstrates good attendance and timeliness to scheduled training sessions.
  • Ability to read and comprehend written material, and to derive and apply information presented in audiovisual format.
  • Demonstrates skill sets in using the following areas;
    • Use of multi-line telephones, answering emergency and non-emergency calls for service via voice and data messages.
    • Analyzing and verifying information provided by telephone company computer databases
    • Processing calls to determine the incident location, nature of the incident, and other information pertinent to the appropriate and safe response to the emergency.
    • Questioning callers regarding the nature and severity of incidents
    • Managing callers; calming and controlling callers, communicating with special needs callers, and communicationing with callers from diverse demographic backgrounds
    • Using teletypewriters to communicate with communications impaired callers
    • Reading maps and using Geographical Information Systems, printed maps, and other resources to pinpoint the exact location of the incident, the callers, and responders
    • Providing instructions to the caller to help guard their safety as well as others at the scene.
    • Appropriately transferring or routing calls for service in outside jurisdictions to the appropriate PSAP.
    • Entering information into the computer system to generate calls for service
    • Determining appropriate emergency response jurisdictions
    • Determining appropriate emergency response type
    • Monitoring and tracking the status of responders; keeping on-call lists current
    • Dispatching the appropriate police, fire, EMS, and Emergency Management agencies using telephones, paging systems, and radio consoles
    • Coordinating the response of multiple agencies
    • Coordinating the communications between response agencies
    • Documenting incident information using CAD.
    • Monitoring the status of on-scene responders and dispatching additional resources or support services as needed.
    • Monitoring multi-channel radio consoles for incoming radio messages
    • Monitoring the teletype network for messages and hit confirmation requests
    • Sending messages via the teletype network
    • Conducting DMV inquiries using the KCJIS computer system
    • Conducting Wants/Warrant inquiries individuals, vehicles, property, and other items thru the NCIC/Kansas Hot Files Database
    • Making entries, modifications, cancellations, and clearances of files thru the NCIC/Kansas Hot Files Database
    • Conducting Criminal History background checks on individuals as required
    • Confirming arrest warrants
    • Performing responder safety checks as required by guidelines
    • Monitoring weather conditions for inclement weather; notifies appropriate authorities and public safety agencies when severe weather occurs
    • Monitoring teletype network for Amber Alerts and APBs
    • Monitorings the NAWAS System for national and regional emergency announcements
    • Monitoring road conditions/closings
    • Making appropriate notifications of public works, support, and private agencies as required
  • Communicates effectively with co-workers in an effort of teamwork to process and handle calls from the public and responders.
  • Must be able to pass written tests and practical drills within minimum standard.
  • Actively participates in frequent evaluations of training progress. Receptive to coaching and constructive criticism.
  • Keeps calm under pressure.
  • Utilizes the chain of command to report issues.
  • Maintains confidentiality.
  • Other functions as determined by the Watch Supervisor.


  • High School Diploma or GED Equivalent.
  • Must complete basic training program to conform with Kansas minimum dispatch training requirements within six months.
  • Must obtain provided certification as an NCIC Terminal Operator within 6 months of initial employment.
  • Must obtain provided certification as an Emergency Medical Dispatcher within one year of initial employment, and obtain provided certification in the National Incident Management System and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation within one year.
  • Must work cooperatively with co-workers to achieve department mission.