Detention Officer

Wadesboro, NC
Anson County Sheriff Office

Salary: $38,252.

Position Summary:

Under general supervision, the purpose of the position is to ensure the security and detainment of inmates in the Anson County Jail. Employees in this classification perform specialized law enforcement work. Position is responsible for admitting and booking inmates; ensuring security of inmates; and preparing and transporting inmates for court appearances. Performs related work as directed.

Essential Functions:

  • Provides security at the County jail; monitors inmates and performs intake, supervision, and out processing of inmates.
  • Checks all security devices for proper working condition; conducts of security rounds; assists in cell inspections. Observes cameras for surveillance of jail.
  • Monitors inmates; ensures orderly behavior; maintains a safe and secure environment; ensures inmates do not harm others or themselves; closely monitors inmates who may be suicidal. Advises inmates as needed regarding behaviors, policies, procedures, etc. Physically stops and/or restrains inmates who engage in physical confrontations or related behaviors.
  • Counts and accounts for all inmates at the beginning and end of assigned shift.
  • Processes incoming inmates. Searches property, clothing, bags, and possessions; secures property; provides rules and regulations; photographs inmate; issues linens and hygiene supplies. Performs body searches as necessary. Completes all necessary paperwork and places in appropriate files/records. Places inmates in assigned cells. Provides meals.
  • Processes outgoing inmates who are bonded, release, or transferred. Returns personal property. Completes required paperwork regarding release/transfer.
  • Provides emergency medical care to inmates as necessary; assists physicians in providing medical care; ensures inmates receive necessary medications.
  • Disposes of contraband in accordance with established policies and procedures.
  • Supervises visitations from family, friends, and other visitors; supervises phone calls made by inmates; monitors actions of all people entering the jail, i.e. vendors, lawyers, etc.; ensures their safety and adherence to center security procedures.
  • Transports inmates to hospitals, courts, or other jail facilities. Monitors inmates in court.
  • Prepares records, documentation, logs, and other required paperwork pertaining to daily operations, inmate related activities, etc.
  • Reports any unusual behaviors or incidents to supervisors.
  • Assembles inmates being transported to court, hospital, or other jail facilities.


  • Requires the ability to perform skilled coordinated movements, such as those required to operate a vehicle, firearms, and other emergency equipment.
  • High school diploma or GED required.
  • Previous detention officer or BLET training preferred.
  • Background check and drug screen required.
  • Must complete DOCC Certification within one year of employment.
  • Successful candidate must maintain a primary residence in North Carolina.