Detention Officer

East Point, GA
East Point Police Department

Salary: $43,000.00 Annually.

Position Summary:

Individuals in this position are responsible for the safety and security of prisoners in and visitors to the City jail. Work includes booking, supervising and controlling of detainees; enforcement of security rules, regulations and procedures; and, the provision of services and information to detainees.

Essential Functions:

  • Receives and books detainees including fingerprinting, photographing and issuing uniforms;
  • Collects, inventories and logs inmate property at booking;
  • Maintains routine operations and security of the jail including checks jail to verify that all prisoners are accounted for; monitors location and activity of prisoners;
  • Completes and maintains all arrest and booking reports on all prisoners and persons placed on bond;
  • Places prisoners in an assigned jail cell and removes them for release or transportation;
  • Arranges for escort to transport to other locations;
  • Assures safety and health of prisoners:
  • Monitors prisoner activity in jail cells;
  • Assures prisoners receive meals;
  • Dispense necessary medications as prescribed by physician;
  • Arranges for prisoner to be transported for medical care as needed;
  • Administers intoximeter test to D.U.I. suspects;
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.


  • High school diploma or equivalent;
  • Associate’s degree or related college coursework preferred;
  • Law enforcement related training or experience preferred;
  • Must have a valid State of Georgia driver’s license;
  • Equivalent combination of education and experience.