Detention Deputy Trainee

Panama City, FL
Bay County Sheriff's Office

The Bay County Sheriff’s Office is currently accepting applications for Detention Deputy Trainee/Correctional Officer Trainee positions. This position is for individuals that have the desire to become a Detention Deputy. Work location will be at the Bay County Sheriff’s Office Jail Facility, 5700 Star Lane. This is for night shift positions, 5:50 P.M. To 6:00 A.M. The base compensation for this position is $39,6000.00. Extra pay for retention and longevity! Once certified pay will increase to $44,500.00!

As a “Trainee”, you will work with Detention Deputies and complete on-the-job-training. You will then attend a three-month long course to prepare you for a career as a Detention Deputy. Classes including firearms training, defensive tactics, CPR, and more. While attending the course, you will continue to receive your regular compensation. Upon completion you must take and pass the State Officer Certification Exam.


(1) Graduation from high school or GED.

(2) Desire to be a Detention Deputy/Correctional Officer in the State of Florida. Applicants will be required to pass a physical abilities test to proceed further in the Selection Process (Must have physician’s release to participate in physical abilities test).

(3) A valid Florida driver’s license.

(4) Clean criminal background.