Detention Deputy

Hot Sulphur Springs, CO
Grand County Sheriff

Salary: $62,088 annual, $29.85/hr.

Position Summary:

The Detention Deputy position is responsible for guarding and supervising prisoners in the County jail, assuming responsibility for all needs of prisoners during detention, and serving as court security and transport officer.

Essential Functions:

  • Intakes and processes new inmates including computer data entry of arrest record, suicide/health evaluation, photographs, and fingerprints; runs fingerprints for public as requested.
  • Locks inmates in cells and performs head counts.
  • Conducts drug and/or alcohol testing of inmates/detainees as required.
  • Prepares menus and orders food.
  • Maintains court proceeding records for all inmates.
  • Performs maintenance duties throughout the building and/or reports problems to supervisor for repair; performs janitorial duties as needed.
  • Collects urine analysis from probation, parole, social services and sheriff clients to complete random drug testing.
  • Completes reports to assist in cases involving inmates booked in the jail; prepares supplemental reports on DUI inmates.
  • Provides sworn testimony in court and administrative hearings as required.
  • Maintains a daily jail log.
  • Completes incident reports on inmates for disciplinary, medical or any interaction with inmates needing documentation.
  • Guards inmates while in the housing, library, recreational, booking, kitchen and laundry areas.
  • Observes inmates to detect and deter self-destructive criminal behaviors to include suicide, assault, theft, extortion, and sexual activity.
  • Observes inmates to detect emergency medical or mental health conditions and refers to professional personnel and facilities for treatment.
  • Conducts cell, area, property and person searches.
  • Serves meals to prisoners and provides or obtains medical aid if needed.
  • Distributes commissary items purchased by inmates such as candy, snacks and toilet articles, and records payment on voucher.
  • Controls public entry and exit to the secure jail perimeter and areas within the jail facility to maintain jail security.
  • Processes bonding of inmates and releases inmates according to court instructions.
  • Coordinates the use of prisoner trustees for work within and outside the jail.
  • Monitors the cleanliness of the housing and common areas of the jail.
  • Monitors Warrantless affidavits being signed by the on-duty judge.
  • Performs fingerprinting for CBI of the general public for teaching, real estate, liquor license, concealed weapon permits and similar reasons.
  • Enters data in the network data-base for the road deputies.
  • Performs warrant checks for the up-coming court dockets.
  • Completes criminal background checks for the District Attorney for court advisement and Probation Department for pre-sentence investigations.
  • Provides reception and telephone answering duties during Sheriff Office normal operating hours, answers questions from the public, provides information, and makes referrals.
  • Performs other related job duties as assigned.


  • Education and Experience: High school diploma or general education diploma (GED); and one (1) year of related experience; or an equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Possession of a valid, State of Colorado driver’s license.
  • Requirement exists at the time of hire and as a condition of continued employment.
  • Must be 21 years of age.
  • Must pass written, oral, psychological, and physical examinations prior to employment.
  • Certifications prior to and/or after employment includes: Notary public, CCIC/NCIC OSN (State Computer Operation), CPR and First Aid, Assigned ACA correspondence courses, PPCT defensive tactics VOICE (victim notification system).
  • Required to meet department proficiency standards for specialized equipment operations such as the intoxilyzer test and certification; booking camera, fingerprint inker and jail lock system, and firearms.
  • Within one (1) year of becoming employed as a detention officer the following requirements must be met: Certified as a Colorado Bureau of Investigation terminal operator, certified Intoxilyzer operator, certified in Arrest Control Tactics or similar non-lethal control tactics approved by the department, certified in the use of a TASER.