Federal Heights, CO
Federal Heights Police Department

Salary: $73,332.

Position Summary:

Under limited supervision, performs a variety of law enforcement activities associated with investigating criminal activity on behalf of the Federal Height Police Department.

Essential Functions:

  • Investigates crimes and criminal activity with a focus on felony cases. Crimes vary in complexity, including such crimes as forgery, sexual assaults, robbery, assault, vice, murder, and narcotics offenses. Reviews assigned case reports prepared by police officers. Follows leads; interviews victims, witnesses, informants, and suspects; collects evidence and maintains its integrity and chain of custody; delivers evidence to Colorado Bureau of Investigation for processing/analysis; sketches and/or photographs crime scenes; and develops cases. Coordinates cases with other jurisdictions as necessary.
  • Files charges with District Attorney’s Office. Writes reports and case summaries. Prepares and executes arrest warrants and search warrants. Pursues, apprehends, and arrests suspects. Testifies in court. Leads and/or participates in surveillance activities. May supervise other personnel on crime scene. May write warrants for arrest for municipal cases for non-felony cases. May work in uniformed capacity, supervising patrol personnel. May work undercover.
  • Coordinates certain programs/projects for department as assigned, with assignments varying by incumbent. These assignments may include the following: Computer Voice Stress Analysis (lie detector); questioned document examination (handwriting analysis); SWAT team leader; firearms instructor; emergency vehicle operator course instructor; pursuit intervention technique instructor; advanced taser instructor; narcotics identification instructor; field training officer; North Metro Drug Task Force unit supervisor.


  • Certified Colorado Peace Officer.
  • Three years’ experience as a patrol police officer.
  • High school graduate or equivalent.
  • Equivalent work experience and education may be considered.
  • Physical fitness to perform the functions of the job.
  • Valid Colorado Drivers License and good driving record.
  • This position may require a two-year rotational period with the possibility of a one-year extension.
  • At the end of the rotation, the officer may return to the patrol division, depending on department needs.
  • Position may fill in for Patrol on an as-needed basis, depending on department needs.