Deputy Sheriff Trainee

Jackson, CA
Amador County Sheriff's Office

Salary: $61,256.00 – $74,464.00 Annually.

Position Summary:

Under immediate supervision, receives intensive academic instruction in law enforcement through a course of study necessary to complete the Basic Peace Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S T) Academy to become a Peace Officer.

The Deputy Sheriff Trainee is a recruiting level classification established to qualify candidates for duties as a Deputy Sheriff in the Amador County Sheriff’s Office. Incumbents of this class undergo a formal and comprehensive training program in a POST certified academy. Incumbency in this class is limited to a period not to exceed twelve months and to those who have not completed the basic POST academy. Positions in this class are distinguished from Deputy Sheriff in that the Deputy Sheriff Trainee position is a classification which has no law enforcement powers. Upon satisfactory completion of the training and graduation from the academy, the trainee will be sworn in as a Deputy Sheriff with full law enforcement powers Failure to successfully complete training as prescribed and graduate from the academy will result in release from employment.

Essential Functions:

  • Identification and utilization of principles and techniques that promote community service, crime prevention and appropriate behavior; enforcement and procedural aspects of criminal laws and the legal obligations inherent in enforcement of those law.
  • Proficient application of the rules of evidence; effective and professional communication through written, oral and mechanical media.
  • Operation of an emergency vehicle which includes skid training, high speed pursuit, defensive driving and emergency driving, firearm training in order to learn good judgement and competency in the use of deadly force, ancillary police weaponry and weaponless defense.
  • Basic criminal investigation processes and techniques, including the identification, collection and preservation of evidence, courtroom testimony and witness interrogation.
  • Establishing a basic knowledge of the patrol function consisting of patrolling a designated area of the County in order to preserve law and order and to prevent and discover the commission of crimes; effectively dealing with common vehicle code violations by learning to recognize the violations, locating the violations in the vehicle code and safely and professionally contacting the violator.
  • Processing, confining and caring for adult and juvenile prisoners in such a manner as to protect the prisoner’s rights and welfare.
  • Physical fitness and defensive techniques program; first aid, including cardio­ pulmonary resuscitation techniques; and other related course or programs as required.


  • Basic English grammar, composition, spelling and punctuation; basic mathematics.
  • Effective problem solving techniques.
  • Basic vehicle laws and regulations.
  • Basic computer and modern office and automation technology.
  • Graduation from high school or possession of a General Education Development certificate (GED).