Deputy Sheriff Trainee

Key West, FL
Monroe County Sheriff’s Office

This class involves law enforcement work in protecting the public and preserving the peace while serving in a variety of assignments within the Sheriff’s Office. The work involves responsibility for carrying out assigned duties in the areas of road patrol, marine patrol, beach security, criminal investigations, internal affairs, civil process, transportation, public information, traffic enforcement, training, court security, airport security, career development, internal affairs investigations, school resource officer, or other areas deemed appropriate by supervisors.


  • Performs patrol duties to prevent and detect violations of the law.
  • Must be able to meet physical requirements and standards.
  • Must be able to work days, nights, week-ends, holidays and extra shifts.
  • Responds to numerous emergency and routine calls from the public ranging from domestic complaints, accidents, fires and criminal actions in progress; assists in settling complaints, arrests offenders, collects and preserves evidence, prepares reports and testifies in court as required.
  • Responds to traffic accidents and may be required to assists other law enforcement agencies with traffic incidents. May be required to arrange for ambulances to assist sick and/or injured.
  • Responds to marine incidents/accidents and may be required to assists other law enforcement agencies with marine incidents. May be required to arrange for ambulances to assist sick and/or injured.
  • Represents the State of Florida in requested or mandatory court hearings or judicial proceedings at traffic, misdemeanor or felony level.
  • Must be able to work during the event of all emergency situations such as Hurricanes, etc.
  • Assists citizens in preparing criminal affidavits in conjunction with the complaints of criminal activity.
  • Initiates criminal investigations from information developed from sources other than the ordinary citizen complaint.
  • Investigates crime scenes, collects and preserves evidence, develops prints, photographs, sketches and descriptions of scenes; submits evidence to laboratories for further analysis; interviews witnesses and interrogates suspects to develop information and evidence in criminal investigations.
  • Conducts surveillance to gather evidence for search warrants in order to prevent potential crimes from happening such as burglaries, robberies and thefts.


High school diploma or possession of an acceptable equivalency diploma. Completion of the Basic Law Enforcement Academy or prior law enforcement or other criminal justice experience.


  • Must have completed State-approved training and be certified as a law enforcement officer in compliance with the requirements of the State of Florida.
  • Must be able to complete specialized courses: Homicide, Criminal Investigations, Field Training Officer, SRO, Crime Prevention or any other training as required.
  • Must demonstrate proficiency in the use and care of law enforcement equipment, including firearms, vehicles, radio, radar and similar equipment.
  • Marine Safety Environmental Officer – Required to complete a Boat Operators Course (may be required to perform duties County wide as needed).
  • Must possess a valid driver’s license issued by the State of Florida.
  • Must be in excellent physical condition upon appointment and maintain good physical condition throughout term of appointment.