Deputy Sheriff – Patrol

Georgetown, CO
Clear Creek County Sheriff’s Office

Salary: $78,799 to $94,619 DOQ.

Position Summary:

Under the limited supervision of the Patrol Sergeants and/or Captain, performs a variety of full-performance, working-level law enforcement and non-law enforcement duties. Responds to life and property-threatening calls. Enforces federal and state laws and county ordinances for the protection of life, health, safety, welfare and property. Maintains peace and order for the general public. Service of civil process for criminal and non-criminal cases. Performs other duties as assigned.

Essential Functions:

  • Enforce County laws, State and Federal Statutes.
  • Conduct initial investigations and follow-up investigations on scene and makes arrests of offenders.
  • Write crime case reports, arrest reports, complaint reports, missing persons reports and other reports of similar nature. Prepare and submit a variety of routine and non-routine reports and documentation as required.
  • Appear and testify in court and civil court proceedings.
  • Perform traffic enforcement, routine patrol and special duties as assigned or as needed. Issue tickets to traffic violators.
  • Operate various types of technical, specialized law enforcement equipment
  • Assist the public in matters un-related to law enforcement such as civil assists, eviction assistance, medical aid, water and ice rescue, wildland fire assistance and response, hazmat response, providing aid to lost persons, responding to pubic inquiries and other matters of similar nature.
  • Provide law enforcement presence in the County through routine patrol of assigned area, crime prevention and effect arrests based upon probable cause and/or personal observation, routinely conduct security checks on businesses and private homes, and enforce traffic laws.
  • Perform DUI and DUID investigation and detection, radar and laser operations, taser deployment, hazmat recognition, SWAT and hostage negotiation, domestic violence investigations, sexual assault investigations, missing or runaway children, mental health evaluations and other specialized functions.
  • Prepare and execute detailed arrest and search warrants. Investigate offenses as assigned, and testify in court as necessary.
  • Make inquiries and request entries into CCIC/NCIC in normal functions of job related duties.
  • Work closely with a variety of individuals and other agencies in an effort to maintain law and order.
  • Conduct and/or organize search and rescue operations.
  • Conduct crime scene investigation and processing, together with evidence packaging and storing.
  • Present a positive attitude and image to department members, other agencies and the public.
  • Work rotating shifts, cover shifts and change schedule as needed or required. Attend and complete required weekly training to assure maximum efficiency, safety and preservation of skills.
  • May perform in the official capacity of trainer and/or instructor in required areas including, but not limited to, Field Training Officer for new hires, Drug Recognition Expert, Intoxilyzer Instructor and non-lethal force instructor.
  • May perform in the capacity of a training officer, providing information on policy and procedures, as well as rating new hires on their performance. Works closely with the Patrol Sergeants and Patrol Captain during the Field Training Program.


  • Requires a level of knowledge and ability to independently accomplish tasks and solve problems of typical complexity in a consistent and accurate manner and in a variety of situations.
  • An essential aspect of this level is the creativity and innovation required to enhance the mere application of skill. Such a level is generally acquired by at least two (2) years law enforcement experience.
  • Requires a high school graduate or GED equivalent.
  • Colorado POST Certified preferred.
  • Must be proficient in all skills taught in the Police Academy.
  • Must have mastery-level skills in communications and in handling stressful situations.
  • Must possess a valid Colorado driver’s license.
  • Must possess certification for CPR and first aid.
  • Must be able to pass psychological, physical, and background examinations.
  • Must be able to read, write, and speak the English language.