Deputy Sheriff – Lateral

San Bernardino, CA
San Bernardino County Sheriff/Coroner

Salary: $76,356.80 – $120,120.00 Annually.

Position Summary:

Positions in this series perform a variety of sworn law enforcement functions depending upon level and area of assignment. Positions perform related duties as required.

Essential Functions:

1. Searches, photographs and fingerprints inmates; assists in interviewing inmates. Observes and directs movement and activities of inmates in an assigned area within a facility; supervises prisoners at meals or recreation; transports prisoners to and from correctional facility; accompanies inmates to court and hospital facilities; supervises inmate workers in work assignments.

2. Verifies identification of persons seeking entrance to institution; directs visitors to proper location; searches vehicles and persons as necessary; controls access and monitors movement within an institution.

3. Transports and controls prisoners, and may provide court security and serve as a bailiff. Receives court papers on inmates and checks for accuracy. Receives and reviews release orders; ensures orders are valid, issued by the appropriate court and not in conflict with orders from a higher court.

4. Patrols an assigned area of the County to prevent crime, locate and apprehend criminal suspects, preserve the peace, and protect life and property. Responds to crime scenes and prepares incident reports.

5. Serves criminal and civil process in the field, and makes arrests. Seizes real and personal property, and provides for storage.

6. Coordinates, schedules and oversees the various activities and programs of Special Services, such as the video arraignment process, use of the law library, provision of laundry, training and educational programs. Oversees the activities of inmate receiving, release and property room. Ensures the proper computation of good and work time, and revises sentences according to commitment changes. Prepares inmate work schedules.

7. Depending on assignment, may pilot fixed wing and rotary aircraft for the prevention of crime, apprehension assistance, and the performance of search and rescue operations; observe activity and directs ground units from Sheriff’s fixed wing and rotary aircraft. May perform minor maintenance on aircraft.

8. Depending on assignment, may conduct training sessions at the San Bernardino County Regional Training Center; analyzes and prepares reports on the progress of cadets.

9. Prepares and maintains all necessary reports, records and correspondence.

10.Performs special assignments in a training capacity.

11.Maintains equipment.

12.Appeals and testifies in court as required.

13.Provides vacation and temporary relief as required.


  • One (1) year of law enforcement experience as a Deputy Sheriff, Police Officer, Deputy Marshal, or District Attorney Investigator.
  • Must possess a current California POST Basic, Intermediate, or Advanced Certificate. All applicants not currently employed by a California law enforcement agency must have been so employed within the last three (3) years or possess a current California POST Requalification Certificate.
  • Applicants must submit a readable copy of their California POST Basic, Intermediate, or Advanced Certification (and Requalification Certificate, if applicable) with the application.