Deputy Sheriff I

Manila, UT
Daggett County Sheriff

Salary: $23.56 – $28.27.

Position Summary:

Performs a wide range of entry-level professional law enforcement duties related to enforcement or corrections as needed to secure and maintain a safe environment for county citizens and to protect rights as established by federal, state, and local laws.

Essential Functions:

  • General Law Enforcement Performance Expectations: Performs duties that put life and/or personal safety at risk; performs duties to actively prevent or detect crime and enforce criminal statutes or ordinances of the state of Utah; responds to situations involving threats to public safety, makes emergency decisions affecting the lives and health of others; performs various duties consistent with ensuring and providing community protection.
  • Specialist Designation: Performs as a specialist in some aspect of law enforcement as assigned; may work exclusively as a patrol officer, corrections officer, crime prevention officer, or some other area of specialization.
  • Enforcement & Operations: Responds to calls for service, patrols residential, business and industrial centers; patrols assigned roadways and citizen traffic areas in patrol vehicle, on bicycle or motorcycle to observe the general public and traffic for violations of traffic laws and ordinances; assists stranded motorists; checks for suspicious vehicles; determines violations and makes arrests; assists with search and rescue efforts.
  • Reports to accident scenes to render first-aid to injured persons, and control traffic in the area; investigates the cause of the accident and prepares reports on details after determining responsibility for accidents.
  • Responds to a variety of citizen complaints such as robberies, break-ins, domestic quarrels, assaults, and vandalism; prepare initial investigation reports on the scene of the crime; gather evidence and interview victims and witnesses; respond to civil disputes and domestic calls.
  • Prepares arrest records including fingerprinting and mug shot photography (identifying the suspect and charge against him/her).
  • Search & Rescue: Search and Rescue: Respond to accidents, injuries, illness, and lost persons in all possible environmental situations and weather conditions. Assists County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) by providing care and transportation of patients to primary care and /or an awaiting ambulance or helicopter.
  • Responds to search and rescue calls. Operates Search and Rescue (SAR) vehicles and provides SAR services by foot, motor vehicle, boat, and air in front-country and backcountry settings in order to access and transport accident victims, emergency medical patients, and lost persons to ambulances, helicopter landing zones, or other safe locations or to definitive care.
  • Transport: Transports adult and juvenile inmates to various scheduled appearances or appointments, i.e., court hearings, medical treatment, psychological evaluations, attorney offices, and between jail facilities; performs extradition of individuals arrested under a county warrant; coordinates with various local, and state and federal agencies as needed; prepares court action reports; conducts vehicle maintenance checks; utilizes Spillman for transport planning and management.
  • Civil Processes & Apprehension: Serves as an agent of the court in satisfying civil and criminal warrants including writs of execution, subpoenas, restitution or attachment/seizures, property replevins, Sheriff sales, and protective orders; locates persons named in criminal warrants and executes the warrants, makes arrests; provides courtroom testimony as required; enters updates inmate computer records to accurately reflect the status of civil documents serviced; assists to conduct sheriff sales.
  • Bailiff/Court Security: Performs a variety of full-performance security and courtroom processing tasks specific to maintaining courtroom order and ensuring that courtroom processes are adhered to; serves as a security officer for the protection of county personnel and facilities. Functions in arraignments held in juvenile and district court; acts as official courtroom custodian.
  • Serves as a security officer by carrying out specific plans and programs to ensure the safety of court personnel and the protection of facilities; follows specific instructions from appropriate supervisors.
  • Assists witnesses, litigants, and the public by answering questions about court procedures, but does not give legal advice or discuss merits of case on trial.
  • Performs related duties as required.


  1. Graduation from High School or GED; plus, Graduation from (P.O.S.T.) Academy AND
  2. No Experience Necessary.
  3. Must be at least 21 years of age.
  4. Must pass an extensive background investigation.
  5. Must possess a valid State Driver’s License.
  6. Must be LEO and/or Corrections P.O.S.T. certified.
  7. May work rotating shift work. May work on-call 24 hours.
  8. Must complete 40 hours of training per year to maintain certification.