Deputy Sheriff Entry Level

Spokane, WA
Spokane County Sheriff

The Deputy performs varied first-level law enforcement duties involving the protection of life and property; the enforcement of laws and ordinances; the maintenance of order and the investigation of crime.

Employees of the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office hold positions of high public trust. It is imperative all employees conduct themselves both on and off-duty in such a manner which does not bring disrepute on this office, or the professional image of law enforcement.

This position is generally under the direction and general supervision of a patrol corporal and/or Sergeant, but may, at times, work independently. The hours of work are varied.

$47,211.84 – $76,366.56 Annually


Perform the following work with minimal supervision:

Patrol a designated area of the county in a patrol car, bicycle, or boat and/or on foot to deter and discover crime, conduct on-scene investigations at crime scenes, aid persons in trouble and render other public services as needed.

Enforce traffic and parking ordinances and investigate accidents; operate a radar unit to discover speed violations; issue citations to violators; serve warrants of arrest, arrest persons and secure their custody; complete necessary reports concerning alleged crimes, circumstances of arrest and available evidence and witnesses.

Serve civil processes, including writs of attachment, writs of restitution; and writs of execution. Conduct address checks on registered sex offenders. Document attempts and other pertinent information.

Respond to reports of possible crime and take action as the situation requires to secure the scene; interview victims, witnesses and suspects; gather evidence, locate, interview and arrest suspects; investigate persons suspected of being engaged in crime, locate and secure evidence pertaining to alleged crime, and arrest suspects based on probable cause.

Report to scenes of accidents; administer first aid and summon aid and other patrol units for assistance in treating injured persons and controlling the scene; make general drawings of accident scenes; complete standard accident reports; or make arrests as the situation warrants.

Provide information to the public concerning laws and ordinances.

Conduct thorough investigations of reported crimes appropriate to their assignments; use photo montages for victim and/or witness identification; conduct necessary searches and follow up investigations as necessary; prepare cases for prosecution.

Develop contacts to obtain information about crimes; maintain contact with paroled criminals and suspects at large; do undercover and decoy work; check known and possible stolen property outlets such as pawn shops and second hand stores.


Must be a citizen of the United States of America or a lawful permanent resident who can read and write the English language; minimum age of 21 at the time of appointment, however, may test at age 20 as long as applicant turns 21 during the life of the eligibility list; high school graduate or GED; no felony convictions as an adult; must hold a valid driver's license at time of appointment and during employment; good health; hearing standards based upon the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine standards ( Threshold Testing); see, feel, smell, touch, speak and move about (with or without corrective devices) to perform the duties, responsibilities, tasks and essential functions required or assigned to this position.