Deputy Sheriff – Detention

Pocatello, ID
Bannock County Sheriff

Salary: $21.88-21.88 per hour.

Position Summary:

The principal function of a sworn employee in this class is to perform security duties to ensure the safety and security of the County detention center. Work is performed under the direct supervision of a Sergeant. Some latitude is granted to the employee but work is subject to stringent state and County legal guidelines. The principal duties of this class are performed in a work environment in which the employee is subject to potential personal danger, injury, and health hazards.

Essential Functions:

  • Monitors the activities of the staff and inmates in the County detention facility to ensure the safety and security of the facility;
  • Communicate effectively with other employees via two-way radio transmissions, email, verbal and written forms to relay and receive important information;
  • Monitors the activities of the staff and inmates to ensure standards, policies, and procedures are implemented and followed;
  • Monitors the activities of the staff and inmates to ensure the rights of inmates are protected;
  • Processes new inmates into the facility, including fingerprinting, photography, physical search, processing documents, data entry, housing assignment, clothing issuance, and related booking duties;
  • Arrests suspects/inmates on warrants and serves warrants as necessary following proper process and procedures;
  • Performs release duties, including checking court orders, records, and related paperwork to ensure proper disposition;
  • Maintains facility security by patrolling the secure areas within and around the detention center, following policies, procedures, and established timelines;
  • Maintains facility security by monitoring and operating electronic doors, monitoring internal radio traffic, and operating security systems;
  • Monitor fire alarm emergency panels and advises Detention Deputies of the emergency. Ensures that Deputies respond to and address the emergency;
  • Issues keys to Deputies reporting for work. Responsible for completing key control inventory each shift and ensuring that all keys are returned after Deputy’s shift completion;
  • Maintains facility security by searching for and seizing weapons, drugs, contraband, and related items. Must have thorough knowledge and training of various forms of weapons, drugs and contraband to effectively identify and properly deal with them;
  • Handles and secures any evidence according to proper process and procedure;
  • Ensures safety and security of the inmates, visitors and staff members by responding to fire alarms and assisting with evacuations when necessary in accordance with proper process and procedures;
  • Monitors inmate behavior and activities in a variety of situations, including housing; recreation; work assignments; meals; showers; interactions with other inmates and officers; visitation; and telephone calls;
  • Responds to back-up calls to control violent and resistive inmates that are using non-lethal and possibly lethal force against other inmates, employees or visitors and gain control of them utilizing the proper use of force and restraint methods;
  • Accountable daily for keys issued, key control;
  • Is civilly liable for actions or inactions;
  • Performs census count at prescribed intervals to determine population and that inmates are accounted for;
  • Distributes and/or assists in the distribution of medications (in the absence and with approval from medical staff), mail, personal hygiene, and commissary items;
  • Performs perimeter security checks;
  • Transports and escorts inmates, as assigned;
  • Supervises inmate hygiene, including showers, clean clothing, and laundry;
  • Responds to inmate requests for medical assistance following policies and procedures;
  • Maintains logs, records, reports, and required documentation;
  • Investigates incidents occurring within the detention facility, prepares reports, and related court documents, and may testify in court;
  • Performs all work duties and activities in accordance with federal, state, County, and Office statutes, laws, ordinances, policies, procedures, and safety practices.


  • High school diploma or GED equivalency is required; degree in criminal justice or related field is preferred, and;
  • Law enforcement or detention facility experience is preferred; or
  • Any equivalent combination of experience and training which provides the knowledge and abilities necessary to perform the work;
  • Must successfully complete a polygraph examination upon hire;
  • Must successfully complete the Police Officer Safety and Training (POST) Physical Fitness Test upon hire
  • Must be 18 years of age.

Preferred Requirements:

  • Idaho POST basic detention certification within one year of hire is required;
  • Idaho driver’s license is required.