Deputy Sheriff Corrections

Ogden, UT
Weber County Sheriff's Office

Salary: $26.10.

Position Summary:

Works under the general supervision of a Chief Deputy, Captain, Lieutenant, Sergeant, or Corporal. Performs Corrections duties, court bailiff duties, court security services, service of criminal and civil process, jail investigation, inmate transportation duties, and related law enforcement activities.

Shifts may include rotating, nights, graveyard, holiday and/or weekend shifts.

Essential Functions:

  • Performs Corrections duties in conformance with Federal, State, County, City laws and ordinances, and Weber County Sheriff’s Office policy.
  • Works assigned shifts and maintains normal availability by radio or telephone for response to emergencies or precedent.
  • Performs corrections functions including court security, jail investigation, detection, arrests, and reporting of incidents within his scope of authority. Ensures the chain of command is notified in the event of major incidents. Takes appropriate action when criminal violations are observed and when violations of laws, policy, merit rules, or Sheriff’s Office regulations are observed or reported.
  • Advises supervisors on deployment of personnel during emergency responses. Maintains contact with all sheriff personnel and other law enforcement agencies to coordinate investigation activities, provide mutual assistance during emergency situations and provide general information about Sheriff’s Office activities.
  • Maintains departmental equipment, supplies and facilities. Analyzes and recommends improvements to equipment and facilities as needed.
  • Prepares a variety of reports and records including required logs, field notes, investigative and follow up reports. Reviews completed documents for spelling, grammatical content, and accuracy and makes appropriate corrections.
  • Coordinates activities with other deputies or other City, County, State, and Federal departments as needed and exchanges information with officers in other law enforcement/corrections agencies.
  • Maintains contact with Sheriff’s Office supervisory personnel to coordinate activities, provide mutual assistance during emergency situations and provides general information about Sheriff’s Office activities.
  • May serve as a member of various employee committees or assignments. May supervise temporary or parttime staff, as assigned.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Education: High school diploma and current Special Functions Officer and Basic Corrections Officer Certification (or Certifiable as such) from Utah Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST).
  • Must have current Special Functions Officer Certification, as well as Basic Corrections Officer Certification (or certifiable as such) as defined by Utah State Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST).
  • Must be able to qualify with handgun based on assignment.
  • Must be adaptable to changing work hours to accommodate rotating shifts.
  • Must be 19 years of age or older at the time of employment.
  • Must possess, or be able to obtain by the time of hire, a valid Utah State drivers license without current record of suspension or revocation in any state.
  • Felony convictions and disqualifying criminal histories are not allowed.
  • Must be a U.S. Citizen OR lawful permanent resident who meet the requirements of Utah Code 53-6-203.
  • Must be able to read, write, and understand the English language.
  • Must be of good moral character and of temperate and industrious habits.
  • Able to use police vehicle, police radio, handgun and other weapons as required, impact weapon handcuffs, first aid equipment.