Deputy Sheriff

Hot Springs, SD
Fall River County Sheriff’s Office

Ensure and assist in the daily operations of department to provide safe environment for staff. Maintain and enforce municipal, county and state ordinances and laws as well as policies and directives, and standards of the Fall River County Sheriff Department. May be subject to adverse and hazardous working conditions, including violent and armed confrontations.

• Ensure enforcement of all laws including county ordinances, and state laws within board policy and jurisdiction of the Fall River County Sheriff Department.
• Oversee investigation of criminal activities that occur within jurisdiction of the Fall River County Sheriff Department or support other agencies conducting investigation.
• Direct the daily operations of the Sheriff Department to ensure effective law enforcement and coordinate activities with other department directors.
• Assist in the daily operation of the Fall River County Jail by providing court room security, transporting prisoners and mental health patients to and from court, Doctor’s appointments, to include other jurisdictions and or out of state when required.
• To assist with civil process, when required.
• Maintain and assure the proper working order and appearance of all personnel equipment and vehicles issued by the Fall River County Sheriff Office.
• Other duties as assigned.

• Training and ability to subdue offenders, including use of firearms and handcuffs.

• Must be 21 years of age
• Must possess a valid South Dakota driver’s license.
• Must possess a high school diploma or equivalency.
• Associate degree in police science, or criminal justice or related field preferred. Years of experience will be considered in place of college degree
• Must meet the minimum requirements as established by the Law Enforcement Standards Board.