Deputy Sheriff

Morehead, KY
Rowan County Sheriff

Under general supervision of the shift supervisor, performs general law enforcement duties in the enforcement of federal, state and local laws and ordinances to protect individual rights, protect life and property, prevent and suppress crime, and identify and apprehend criminal offenders. He/she also performs community service activities and other assigned work as required. Frequent exposure to a high degree of danger is required.


1. Patrols the roads of the county in a radio-equipped vehicle to enforce federal, state and local laws, administrative regulations and ordinances, and to prevent and/or discover the commission of a crime.
2. Required to respond to calls for service, to include taking criminal complaints and working injury and non-injury accidents. Serves civil and criminal process.
3. Makes arrests, issues citations and serves warrants, as needed.
4. Transports prisoners to and from court and other jurisdictions. Also transports fugutives from justice from other states by ground and air.
5. Takes traffic enforcement action and maintains crowd control at public events and festivals.
6. Is frequently exposed to a high degree of danger.
7. Required to carry a firearm in the course of duty as a sworn officer.
8. Investigates criminal cases, leading to the apprehension and arrests of offenders. Completes case preparation and presents same to the courts for successful prosecution of said cases.
9. Attends required in-service training.
10. Renders assistance to citizens and the public, as needed.
11. Assists fire and ambulance services in emergency situations.
12. Provides traffic control services in connection with school crossingz, inoperable electronic control devices, accidents, parades, funerals, and other public events.
13. Maintains public order in crowds, funerals, and special events.
14. Prepares written reports on shift activities.
15. Renders first aid when required to do so.



Graduation from high school or equivalent.

1. Knowledge of modern police law enforcement principles, practices and methods.
2. Knowledge of federal, state and local laws, administrative regulations and ordinances.
3. Knowledgeable of policies and procedures and rules and regulations.
4. Knowledgeable of the geography of the county.
5. Knowledge of preventative maintenance requirements for vehicles and equipment.

1. Must be organized.
2. Self-defense skills.
3. Skill in the use of firearms.
4. Oral and written communication skills.

1. Ability to remember names, faces and details of incidents.
2. Ability to analyze situations and to adopt a quick, effective and reasonable course of action with regard to surrounding hazards and circumstances.
3. Ability to prepare clean and comprehensive reports.
4. Ability to obtain information through interview, interrogation and observation.
5. Ability to learn the safe and proper use of firearms.
6. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with deputies, employees, other law enforcement agencies, and the general public.
7. Must be resourceful and able to make sound judgments in emergency situations.

Work is performed generally outdoors, regardless of weather conditions; intermittent sitting, standing, walking, climbing, bending, carrying, stretching, running and/or stooping is required. Must be able to lift objects/persons weighing in excess of twenty-five pounds. Must be able to physically restrain individuals when required. Must be able to operate a cruiser in emergency situations. Will be exposed to noise, fumes, and all weather conditions. Must have excellent hearing and vision. Must be able to work in stressful situations.

Must possess and maintain a valid driver’s license, issued by the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Must have successfully completed basic training and be certified as a peace officer by the Kentucky Law Enforcement Council, and must complete required annual in-service training as prescribed by the Kentucky Department of Criminal Justice Training.