Deputy Sheriff

Jefferson, WI
Jefferson County Sheriff

Salary: $29.46 – $34.68 per hour.

Open until filled

Position Summary:

The Sheriff’s Office has an immediate need to recruit dedicated, hard-working, and ethically driven individuals who are interested in becoming a Deputy Sheriff. Due to Wisconsin State Statutory requirements, hiring preference will be given to female applicants as a BFOQ. Deputies are fully sworn Deputy Sheriffs with full-arrest powers, protective status with paid WRS contributions. New Deputies begin their careers assigned to the Jail Division. Also, preference will be given to individuals with prior experience in correctional environments.

Essential Functions:

  • Maintain jail security including: regular patrolling of jail, monitoring surveillance equipment, completing cell inspections and searches, and conducting strip searches in accordance with State Statutes, policies, and procedures.
  • Identify potential and/or existing problems and takes appropriate action to correct the situation. For example: recognize potential inmate conflict, intervene in disputes, mediate inmate conflict, and discipline with jail rules are violated.
  • Book inmates including: conduct searches, photograph, fingerprint, inventory personal property, complete medical questionnaire, carefully assess rather the subject is a risk to themselves or others. Interpret and understand court paperwork including judgements of conviction, warrants, child support orders, writs, etc., understand and serve civil process papers, and escort inmates to court.
  • Log and document accurate information relating to inmate activities, tasks performed, court appointments and appearances, maintenance issues, discipline of inmates, Huber information, and any other details necessary.


  • US. Citizenship.
  • Valid Wisconsin Driver’s license.
  • No felony convictions.
  • Excellent communication skills along with knowledge of computer applications.