Deputy Sheriff

Minot, ND
Ward County Sheriff's Department

The Ward County Patrol Deputy serves and protects the public and enforces the laws of the State of North Dakota by routinely patrolling the roads and highways of Ward County, checking the security of property, responding to calls for assistance, investigating crimes and accidents, and keeping records of his/her activities. The primary duty of this position is to transport prisoners and mental health cases to and from State institutions and other law enforcement holding facilities.


• Operate assigned vehicles in patrolling the roads and highway of the County, enforcing traffic laws, checking on the security of property, responding to calls for assistance and rendering aid
• Investigate accidents and crimes by securing crime scenes, interviewing witnesses and victims, gathering data, taking measurements, and searching for and securing physical evidence
• Completes logs and reports and other records of activities, investigations, and incidents he/she is involved with
• Locate individuals and serves civil papers and criminal warrants as assigned
• Takes prisoners to court appearances, in the courthouse or via video, while maintaining the safety and security of the public and prisoners.
• Participate in training programs and exercises to maintain proficiency in performing assigned functions
• Locate and arrest persons for whom criminal warrants have been issued
• Assist other law enforcement agencies as requested or directed
• Make court appearances to testify in traffic and criminal cases
• Take reports of a runaway juvenile, attempt to locate the juvenile, and remain with him/her until released to their family or other appropriate person or agency
• Attend meetings and briefings and provide public relations activities as directed
• Keep vehicle servicing and maintenance records for assigned vehicle and make arrangements for servicing and maintenance when needed.



• High School degree and at least one year of full-time work experience in law enforcement, security, or a public contact position or any equivalent combination of education and experience.
• A two year college degree, one year experience working in the field of law enforcement, and license as a law enforcement officer in North Dakota are preferred.

A Deputy is required to be licensed by the State of North Dakota as a law enforcement officer within one year of employment in the position. The position also requires a valid driver’s license. The failure to obtain or maintain current licensure in either or both of these areas may result in suspension or termination of employment.