Deputy Sheriff

Kansas City, KS
Miami County Sheriff's Office

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November 26, 2021 at 12:00 AM CST


Patrols an assigned area of the county to prevent crime, locate and apprehend criminal suspects, preserve the peace, and protect life and property.
Performs routine patrol, building, home, and suspicious vehicle checks.
Assists stranded motorists.
Apprehends/arrest offenders, aids victims, performs crown control, facilitates conflict resolution, prepares reports, performs interviews, responds to assistance calls, and testifies in court.
Responds to crime scenes, investigates crimes, and prepares incident reports.
Resolves domestic conflicts to ensure public peace.
Facilitates the movement of traffic through accident scenes and during times of mass public gathering.
Issues tickets.
Establishes roadblocks.
Secures accident scenes and aids the injured.
Transports prisoners, mental patients and juveniles.
Serves summons, subpoenas, restraining orders, eviction notices and tax writs.
Serve as inmate security.
Serve as security for court hearings, trials, etc.
Investigation of crimes.

Experience requirements:

Must be 21 years of age with no Felony Criminal Record or Domestic Violence Record.

Desired Skills:

Knowledge of:
Federal and State statutes
Geography of the County
Police methods and procedures
First aid principles and application
The rules of evidence

Skills in:
The use of firearms

Ability to:
Act without direct supervision and exercise independent judgment in emergency situations
Serve on the SWAT and Dive Teams
Draw diagrams
Manage conflict
React quickly and calmly during emergencies
Speak and write effectively
Analyze police reports
Communicate effectively under stress
Pay attention to detail
Manage multiple concurrent projects and meet deadlines
Project a positive attitude
React with an appropriate sense of urgency, couple with good judgment and discernment
Motivate and inspire others