Deputy Sheriff

Audubon, IA
Audubon County Sheriff's Office

Within an established chain of command on an assigned shift, enforces controlling federal/state statues and County ordinances designed to protect life and property within County boundaries; operates motor vehicle during day and night in monitoring events, situations and occurrences which requires appropriate law enforcement action; interacts with all kinds of people in providing information, issuing citations and arrest warrants, mediating disputes and advising of rights and processes.



Not Listed


September 20th at Noon


• Operates a motor vehicle equipped with two-way radio to patrol assigned areas, observing traffic violations and issues citations; assumes control at traffic accidents to maintain traffic flow, assists accident victims and investigates causes of accidents; prepares required reports; appears in court as a witness in traffic violations and prosecution of cases; questions and records statements of principals and witnesses; photographs and diagrams accident scenes; conducts required tests using intoxilizer and related testing and lifesaving equipment.
• Notes suspicious persons and establishments; inspects locks, windows, lighting, alarms and related facilities/premises for unlawful entry; warns or arrests persons violating specific ordinances; disperses unruly crowds at public gatherings; investigates disturbances; of peace, domestic calls and related activity; prepares and files records, facts and information involved for use in criminal or civil legal action.
• Directs and re-routes traffic at scenes of accidents, disasters, fires and weather related problem areas; notifies public works and other departments involved in the location of road hazards, removal of automobiles, placement of signs; and provides road information and assistance to motorists.
• Keeps current with all changes and revisions in federal/state mandated laws and operating regulations; attends staff meetings and job related workshops and seminars; maintains necessary firearms and related certifications required of job.
• Executes orders of the civil court; reviews contents of orders such as summons, wage garnishments, property seizures and arrest orders; traces individuals and evicts persons from property per court order. Serves civil court orders, seizes property and makes arrests; post Sheriff's sale notices in public places.
• Transports prisoners and psychiatric patients in order to comply with court orders by driving and escorting clients to and from court as well as state institutions and/or county jails. Responsible for the custody, welfare and security or prisoners at the county jail performing all jailer duties.
• Writes reports in order to fulfill required record keeping by reviewing reports; typing or recording Dictaphone.
• Fills in for other department personnel to meet the operating needs of the department including the jail, communications center or other units as assigned.

Educational requirements:

• Graduation from high school or GED equivalency and certification by the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy as a Peace Officer, must receive CPR training and must have a valid State of Iowa Motor Vehicle Operator's License.

Desired Skills:

i. The individual must have the knowledge of traffic, civil or criminal laws as specified in the Code of Iowa; arrest procedures as related to traffic and criminal law enforcement; methods for collecting evidence for use in court; methods and procedures for serving notices, summons and civil papers; county roads and landmarks as related to patrolling assigned areas and reporting requirements related to routine record keeping. The ability to: operate motor vehicle, receive and transmit messages on a two-way radio; make arrests on potentially hostile law violators; respond with courtesy and to remain calm with distraught or upset members of the general public; conduct interviews as related to conducting criminal or accident investigations; handle firearms, handcuffs and night stick as related to apprehending criminals or suspects; deal appropriately with psychiatric patients or intoxicated persons and performs CPR and basic First Aid.