Deputy Sheriff

Charlotte, MI
Eaton County Sheriff's Department

As a law enforcement officer, regularly patrols the County to safeguard lives and property and enforce local, State and Federal laws. Responds to a variety of calls requiring law enforcement and serves as a deterrent to crime by presence in assigned area. Work is performed under direct supervision of the Shift Commander, which is usually a Sergeant.

$42,687.00 – $57,029.00 Annually


1. Reports to accident scenes to render first aid to the injured, route traffic around scene and investigate the cause of the accident.
2. Appears in court to present evidence on cases.
3. Operates speed measuring devices to detect motor vehicle operators exceeding legal speed limit.
4. Serves subpoenas and other court documents, both criminal and civil.
5. Affect an arrest, forcibly if necessary, using handcuffs and other restraints.
6. Climb over obstacles, climb through openings, jump down from elevated surfaces; jump over obstacles, ditches and streams; and crawl in confined areas to pursue, search, investigate and/or rescue.
7. Communicate effectively over law enforcement radio channels while initiating and responding to radio communications, often under adverse conditions such as siren usage and high speed vehicle operations.
8. Communicate verbally and effectively by listening to people and by giving information, directions and commands.
9. Conduct searches of buildings and large outdoor areas which may involve walking and/or standing for long periods of time and which requires the ability to distinguish color and perceive shapes.
10. Conduct visual and audio surveillance for extended periods of time. Detect foreign odors and fumes such as smoke, fire, gasoline and toxic and/or non-toxic chemicals and odors such as alcohol and marijuana.


Minimum Qualifications
Prefer at least an associate's degree in law enforcement or related field experience.

Prior experience as a law enforcement officer is desirable but not required.

Other Requirements:
• Must meet the MCOLES requirements for certification or already be MCOLES certified or be eligible for recertification under MCOLES guidelines.
• Possess normal hearing.
• Height and weight in relation to each other as indicated by accepted medical standards.
• Be free from an impediments of the senses, physically sound and in possession of extremities.
• Possess normal color vision.
• Possess 20/20 corrected vision in each eye.
• Possess normal visual functions in each eye.