Deputy Sheriff

Athens, GA
Unified Government of Athens-Clarke County

Position Summary:

The purpose of this job is to preserve the peace and enforces the laws of the State of Georgia. Duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to, protecting life and property, enforcing state laws, maintaining jail security, serving warrants and civil papers, providing courthouse and courtroom security, transporting prisoners, performing necessary functions to ensure safety and well-being of inmates, employees and visitors. It is a demanding position, and when assigned to the jail it requires a heightened state of readiness at all times.

Essential Functions:

  • Transports inmates to and from the Athens-Clarke County Courthouse for scheduled court appearances. When duties include driving the bus, must have a CDL.
  • Assures that inmates are prevented from having physical contact with family, friends, or spectators in order to prevent the passing of weapons or contraband.
  • Observes all persons entering the courtroom, their movement and their activities; limits access to the bench and other restricted areas.
  • Assures the rooms are clear of weapons, explosives, or contraband by searching the interior of the courtroom, judicial chambers, jury room, restrooms, and other restricted areas each morning prior to the arrival of any court participants and following any recesses. Assists all court personnel with security issues as needed.
  • Formally opens court; relays messages to and/or from the judge to convene court, assembles jurors, requests presence of attorney or judge by use of personal communications or telephone.
  • Oversees the needs of the jury by monitoring juror activities.
  • Escorts jury members to court ordered locations (such as crime scenes) by use of approved transportation.
  • Arrests persons who violate court orders by taking the offender(s) into custody.
  • Takes into custody individuals and arranges transportation to the Athens-Clarke County Jail upon instructions of the court,
  • Writes and files incident reports, arrest reports etc.
  • Operates portable hand-held metal detectors, and other screening devices such as X-ray machines and walk through metal detectors to keep weapons and other contraband from entering the courthouse.
  • Patrols Athens-Clarke County to provide a visible deterrent in uniform and in marked cars and to enforce laws and ordinances and protect life and property; monitors commercial and residential areas for signs of criminal activity; patrols for suspicious persons and vehicles.
  • Responds to calls for citizen assistance and disturbances
  • Enforces federal, state, and local laws by performing warrant, felony or misdemeanor arrests; protects the civil rights of persons in custody; uses non-deadly and deadly force to protect oneself, other deputies, and citizens.
  • Secures and protects crime scenes by establishing boundaries, detaining victims, suspects, and witnesses, locating and identifying evidence, briefing supervisors and investigators on their arrival.
  • Conducts investigations and interviews to establish probable cause and reasonable suspicion; collects information and determines follow-up actions; presents evidence and testimony in courts of law; assists in prosecuting felony and misdemeanor cases.
  • Serves as a first responder to provide aid and assistance to victims of criminal activity.
  • Conducts searches and seizures in a wide variety of contexts, including frisks, incident to arrest, pursuant to warrant, plain view seizures, and inventories items seized.
  • Assists stranded motorists, provides traffic direction assistance when necessary.
  • Responds to natural and manmade disasters.
  • Transports prisoners throughout the state of Georgia and in other states per extradition orders; executes involuntary commitment orders and transports mental patients to proper facilities.
  • Prepares and maintains a wide variety of departmental records and reports in compliance with agency policies and procedures; prepares and files thorough written incident reports.
  • Operates and maintains assigned uniforms, vehicle, and equipment in accordance with agency policies and procedures.
  • Operates G.C.I.C./N.C.I.C. computer and local criminal justice computer networks and records management systems.


  • Valid Driver’s License required.
  • Must possess current POST certification as set forth in the Georgia Mandate Law Enforcement Training Act/Peace Officer’s Standards and Training Act.
  • Must qualify and requalify with service weapon(s) semiannually upon obtaining peace officer certification.