Deputy Sheriff

King William, VA
King William County


$47,500.00 – $62,400.00 Annually

Job Summary:

A patrol deputy sheriff is responsible for the efficient performance of required duties conforming to the rules, regulations, and general orders contained herein. Duties shall consist of, but are not limited to, general law enforcement responsibilities necessary to the safety and good order of the community. The deputy sheriff position is non- supervisory. Deputy Sheriff duties are performed on an assigned shift under the general guidance of the Sheriff. A deputy sheriff shall:

Identify criminal offenders and criminal activity and, where appropriate, apprehend offenders and participate in subsequent court proceedings. Reduce the opportunities for the commission of crime through preventive patrol and other measures. Aid people who are in danger of physical harm. Facilitate the movement of vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Identify potentially serious law enforcement or governmental problems. Promote and preserve the peace. Provide emergency services.h. Provide court security and act as bailiff as needed. Provide civil process service as needed.


1. Be a citizen of the United States;

2. Be at least 21 years of age;

3. Be fingerprinted and a search made of the local, state and national fingerprint files to disclose any criminal record;

4. Not have been convicted of a crime for which the person could have been imprisoned in a federal or state penitentiary;

5. Be of good moral character, as determined through a background investigation;

6. Be a high school graduate or have passed the general education development (GED)test and have been issued an equivalency certificate by the superintendent of public instruction or by an appropriate issuing agency of another state or the federal government;

7. Be examined by a licensed physician, who is not the applicant’s personal physician, appointed by the Sheriff’s Office to determine if the applicant is free from any mental or physical condition that might adversely affect performance by the applicant of the duties of a deputy sheriff;

8. Successfully complete an oral examination conducted by a interview panel and the Sheriff to demonstrate the possession of communication skills, temperament, motivation, and other characteristics necessary to the accomplishment of the duties and functions of a deputy sheriff;

9. Possess or be eligible for a valid Virginia driver’s license.

10. Any other standards set by law (15.2-1705, Code of Virginia) or by policy of the Criminal Justice Services Board in addition to the minimum qualifications established by Virginia law, the King William County Sheriff’s Office has also established a variety of qualifications that the Staff of the Department has determined to be important factors in selecting our Deputies.

In order to assist us in determining your qualifications to be a Deputy with the King William County Sheriff’s Office, we require the following procedures.

1. Fully complete the King William County Sheriff’s Office Employment Application/ Back-ground Questionnaire signed by the applicant and witnessed by a certified Notary Public.

2. Valid passing scores of 70% or higher on the departments written test.

3. Successful completion of the department’s physical agility test.

4. A panel interview of the candidate and if selected by the panel.

5. A interview with the Sheriff. The decision to extend a Conditional Offer of Employment is made by the Sheriff. That decision is made based upon the Sheriff’s assessment of the qualifications and performance of each candidate as demonstrated during the entire application &screening process, and the Sheriff’s judgment as to how each candidate may best meet the needs of the department. In order to be hired, those who receive a Conditional Offer of Employment must:

6. Complete a background investigation. During the background investigation, the investigator will interview you. At this time, you will have the opportunity to discuss any inconsistencies or adverse information. The most important thing for you to remember with regard to the background investigation is to be honest and complete in all of the information that you provide. Attempting to conceal or distort information or failure to cooperate completely with the background investigator will result in immediate disqualification from further consideration.

7. Pass a physical examination conducted by a physician of the Department’s choosing, and at the Department’s expense.

8. Pass a drug screen administered at the time of the physical examination.

9. Resolve any issues that may arise as a result of the physical examinations, drug screen as well as any other issues that are properly raised by the Department, the county of King William, or the Deputy candidate.

10. Once hired, employees must successfully complete the 19-week law enforcement course at the Rappahannock Regional Criminal Justice Academy. Employees hired for deputy sheriff positions are required to participate in Physical Fitness Training at the academy.