Deputy Sheriff

Tappahannock, VA
Essex County Sheriff

Position Summary:

This position performs responsible work as a Law Enforcement Patrol Officer, including investigating crimes, answering citizen complaints, patrol county to prevent crime and promote public safety, making arrests, interviewing witnesses, collecting evidence, public safety traffic control, provide emergency services, preserved the peace at all scenes, serving civil papers, providing court testimony, executing search warrants, performing evictions and other related duties. The Deputy Sheriff is required to exercise good judgment in administering law enforcement services in accordance with regulations and is responsible for maintaining and improving upon the efficiency and effectiveness of all areas under his/her direction and control.

Essential Functions:

  • Responds to calls for public safety service during patrol or as directed by communications division or supervisors; aid people who are in danger of physical harm;
  • Investigates crimes (Interviews suspects and witnesses, collects evidence and submits it to the laboratory for testing as needed), answers citizen complaints, makes arrests, apprehends persons violating the law, observing and interrogating suspicious persons, make public assembly, public property and building security
    checks, and works with the investigations unit to solve crimes;
  • Obtains and executes warrants and performs evictions;
  • Confers with the County prosecutor, serves civil papers, and provides court testimony;
  • Assists with reducing the opportunities for the commission of crime through preventive patrol and other measures;
  • Writes reports related to tasks completed during shift and fills out departmental paperwork as needed; inform co-workers and supervisors of issues addressed and issues that need follow up;
  • Maintains weapons, equipment and vehicle to ensure functional conditions;
  • Transports prisoners and the mentally ill;
  • Directs traffic and performs traffic code enforcement;
  • Alerts appropriate agencies of unsafe conditions that could cause crimes or accidents;
  • Obtains DCJS training hours annually to maintains all certifications and skill levels;
  • Performs various duties in maintaining and inventorying equipment;
  • Obtains juvenile petitions and works with the Department of Social Services as needed;
  • Assist citizens and general public in a courteous manner and refers them to other agencies as necessary;
  • May be assigned to special assignments including but not limited to: Dare Instructor, instructor for use of pepper spray, sexual assault response team, body cam program leader, radar traffic enforcement, field training officer, organize joint training programs, vehicle maintenance, etc.;
  • Ensures that all work is conducted in a safe manner and all work safety practices are followed;
  • Performs similar or related work as required, directed or as situation dictates;
  • Assists other Office staff as needed to promote a team effort to serve the public;
  • Continues training; keeps current with law enforcement standard operating procedures and maintains all appropriate certifications;
  • Consistent on-site/field work and on-time attendance is essential for this position based on assigned schedule.


  • High school diploma or any equivalent combination of education, training and experience that provides the requisite knowledge, skills, and abilities for this job, supplemented by one year of related emergency or public safety experience preferred.
  • Valid driver’s license.
  • Must pass DCJS Police Academy within 12 months of hire.
  • Must pass a criminal background investigation, drug test, physical test and health exam.