Deputy Sheriff

Brooksville, FL
Hernando County Sheriff’s Office

Salary Range: Starting Salary: $50,000.00

Under the general supervision of a Sergeant or designee, performs general law enforcement work of average difficulty and responsibility in the preservation and protection of life and property, the prevention of crime, the maintenance of good public order, the enforcement of civil and criminal law, and other related duties as required by direction or assignment.


  1. Patrols assigned areas of the County to preserve public order and tranquility, and to prevent and/or discover the commission of crimes against person or property
  2. Make arrests and testifies in the prosecution of law violators; conducts preliminary and/or detailed investigations of the commission of crime or law violations
  3. Protects the crime scene, gathers, and preserves matters of evidence, takes and records testimony; directs and coordinates activities on-site until relieved by a superior officer; assists detectives in specialized investigations
  4. Transports prisoners to jail, and prepares offense and case reports and investigative information for evidence in court.
  5. Serves warrants, capias, court orders, and other legal processes; locates and arrests persons wanted on warrants or court orders
  6. Enforces the traffic laws and arrests or issues summons to traffic law violators; reports unsafe road conditions; directs the flow of traffic when required; investigates traffic accidents.
  7. Participates in work involving juveniles, making preliminary and/or detailed investigation and follow-up, referring such cases as needed to Juvenile Court.

Training and Experience:

  1. High school diploma or GED
  2. Certification for completion of basic police officer training as required by the State of Florida
  3. Must have passed and obtained Certification from the State of Florida