Deputy Sheriff

Washburn, WI
Bayfield County Sheriff's Office

Salary: $47,814.00 – $54,756.00 Annually
Job Type: Full-Time
Job Number: 2021-36
Closing: 10/31/2021 11:59 PM Central

Enforce state, county and federal civil and criminal laws and provide for the public protection.

Examples of Duties
a. Investigate reported crimes.
b. Make criminal arrests and process evidence.
c. Testify in court.
d. Respond to serious incidents that are in progress.
e. Enforce traffic laws and investigate traffic accidents.
f. Serve civil process such as restraining orders, subpoenas, evictions, executions against property etc.
g. Transport arrestees and inmates to jail or prison.
h. Initiate emergency detention proceedings when persons meet legally established criteria.
I. Implement crime prevention strategies and maintain a visible community presence.
j. Conduct searches for lost or missing persons.
k. Coordinate with TAD officer for inmate compliance.
l. Carry out any other duties assigned by the Sheriff or designee.

a. Must be at least 21 years of age.
b. No felony criminal convictions.
c. Must possess a valid Wisconsin driver’s license.
d. 60 college credits preferably in a criminal justice related field.
e. Must meet minimum standards for a law enforcement officers as established by the Wisconsin Bureau of Training and Standards

Physical Requirements:
a. Have the ability to arrest combative persons. This includes subduing and handcuffing an arrested person.
b. Proficiency in the use of all issued weapons; firearms, impact weapons, chemical munitions, electrical stun devices etc.
c. Drive assigned vehicle for long periods of time for long distances in any weather or road condition.
d. Climb ladders or multiple flights of stairs.
e. Be agile enough to rapidly enter or exit assigned vehicle.
f. Walk or remain on feet for extended distances or periods of time.
g. Visual ability must be keen enough to operate motor vehicles safely and in accordance with the law in bright or low light situations.
h. Must be able to maintain proficiency with firearms and visually identify an intended target.
I. Ability to carry at least 50 pounds for 50 feet.
j. Sit or stand for long periods without injury.
k. Ability to drag 150 pounds on a smooth level surface 50 feet in one minute.
l. Have normal hearing with or without hearing aid.

Supplemental Information
a. Familiarity with Wisconsin Criminal code. Have the ability to research State statutes and comprehend applicable laws.
b. Understand the application of the United States Constitution and Amendments as they relate to civil rights.
c. Knowledge of criminal processes like rules of evidence.
d. Must be able to operate a motor vehicle safely in all adverse weather conditions and at high speeds if needed while at all times complying with state law and department policy.
e. Must have a basic knowledge and ability to operate computer programs to compile reports and collect data.
f. Must be able to speak clearly in fluent English and effectively communicate verbally.
g. Good writing skills and the ability to draft accurate reports with proper grammar and correct spelling.
h. Problem solving ability; the ability to mediate differences between persons. Prioritize calls and have the ability to handle multiple incidents simultaneously