Deputy Police Chief

Burlington, VT
Burlington Police Department
Salary: $99,136.00-$108,157.00 Annually

The deputy chief of operations is the executive-level sworn member of the department responsible for the operations of the department’s Uniformed Services Bureau. Operations include patrol, school resource, canine, domestic violence, street crime, and specialized emergency response to critical incidents. The deputy chief is expected to collaborate with the Deputy Chief of Administration, coordinate with detectives, narcotics and special victims investigators and supervisors, as well as coordinate operations with neighboring police agencies, the state police, and federal law enforcement. The deputy chief acts on behalf of the chief of police as necessary or directed, including at large scale events and incidents. Regular duties include the leadership of sergeants and lieutenants, making assignments and schedules, conducting labor negotiations, administering discipline, engaging with an ethnically and culturally diverse range of communities, attendance at city leadership and legislative meetings, making media statements and appearances, drafting policies, and leading complex police operations in the field. As the state’s premier civic center, the city hosts events such as marathons, rallies and independence day celebrations that draw up to 50,000 people at a time.

Due to the nature of the work, the chief of police and the mayor of Burlington are seeking candidates for this position who understand and embrace the challenges of modern policing in a progressive city. The ideal candidate will have a strong track record of professional development, as well as excellent community relations skills and a genuine belief that we work for and account to the people of the city we protect and serve. He or she should demonstrate a suitable mix of formal education, professional development (for example, the FBINA or the Senior Management Institute for Police, as well as other shorter duration courses), and assignments in policing that show a wide interest in the profession and competence at its core functions. Being motivated, experienced, capable and ready to lead is more important than any one particular checkbox or qualification. We are looking for the best fit for our community and the police officers and supervisors who will rely on their deputy chief for guidance, support and sound judgment. A candidate’s integrity, leadership skills, dedication, and ability to communicate well orally and in writing must be self-apparent.

Burlington is a unique American city with an incomparable physical setting and a very high quality of life. With approximately 45,000 residents, the city is seated in a metro area of just over 200,000, making it the largest urban center north of the coastal states in New England. On the banks of Lake Champlain and minutes from Vermont’s Green Mountains, Burlington police officers and residents have some of the best access to outdoor recreation in the United States. World class skiing, cycling, mountain biking, hiking, hunting, fishing and water sports are close by. The farm-to-table culinary and brewery cultures of the city and state are world-renowned. The city is home to the University of Vermont and Champlain College, and has a thriving downtown scene with abundant shopping, restaurants, nightlife and cultural attractions.

Like any other American city, Burlington is facing the challenges of the opioid crisis, homelessness, mental illness, traditional crime and the heightened scrutiny of police officers. The Burlington Police Department strives to meet these challenges and deliver both public safety and fair treatment to our outstanding officers through excellence in policing and strong, principled leadership. The department is an acknowledged innovator in the response to the opioid crisis, de-escalation and tactics that minimize the use of force, and accountability through transparency in our data and operations. The chosen candidate will be expected to participate in regional and national policing initiatives that grow and enhance our profession and the services we deliver to the city. Prior deputy chiefs have not only gone on to be the agency head in Burlington, but have successfully led neighboring police agencies. This is an excellent opportunity for a dedicated police leader to sharpen his or her skills, contribute to the safety and welfare of an excellent American city, and enjoy a high quality of life.

Salary is up to $108,000 per year, depending upon experience and qualifications. The city offers an excellent benefits package and has a vested retirement system. External candidates must possess a valid Vermont Driver’s license upon hire and be able to be certified as a Level III police officer in the state of Vermont after an appropriately-tailored course of training at the Vermont Police Academy, based on prior training and experience.

$99,136.00 – $108,157.00 Annually