Deputy – Patrol (Certified/Lateral)

Grants Pass, OR
Josephine County

Salary: $55,764.28 – $75,438.48 Annually.

Position Summary:

The patrol deputy position is the Sheriff’s Office first line approach to the deterrence, detection and investigation of crimes and the apprehension of criminal suspects.

The patrol deputy position is responsible for the application of modern police practices in the deterrence of crimes in Josephine County. The patrol deputy is expected to take a fair and impartial approach to complaints of citizens and to handle those complaints in a speedy, judicious and fair manner. The patrol deputy will use all resources available to them and be cognizant of all the federal, state and local laws and ordinances affected by the situation. The patrol deputy reports directly to the patrol sergeant.

Essential Functions:

  • Representative of the Josephine County Sheriff governed by both legal and high moral standards.
  • The responsibilities and conduct of a deputy shall be governed by Oregon State laws, Office policies and the police officer’s code of ethics.
  • A deputy sheriff shall discharge all responsibilities and duties relating to the position of deputy sheriff in an efficient, professional manner.
  • The deputy shall arrest, assist in prosecuting or release to the proper authority, all persons apprehended in the course of duty.
  • The deputy shall investigate all complaints assigned to them to a satisfactory conclusion and assist with the prosecution of criminal suspects, when applicable.
  • The deputy shall testify in court honestly, impartially, and convincingly, bearing in mind they are a witness relating facts so that the court may pass judgment.
  • The deputy shall, through office channels, convey any information obtained relating to violations of criminal law which are not a direct responsibility assigned to them or this Office.
  • The deputy shall remain cognizant of, and report all potential traffic hazards within the County to the proper authority.
  • The deputy shall check all abandoned vehicles parked in unusual locations for the purpose of detecting criminal activity.
  • The deputy shall heed all requests for assistance from anyone seeking the help of the Josephine County Sheriff’s Office.
  • Deputies shall constantly strive to acquire information concerning all types of law violations within the county and shall either take action themselves or relay the information to the proper office section or support agency.
  • The deputy shall, with all expediency, serve subpoenas, or citations without bias or prejudice.
  • The deputy shall constantly strive to cultivate personal contacts essential to good law enforcement work.
  • When assigned to and engaged in patrol, the deputy shall patrol in a manner calculated to provide the greatest deterrent value to crime or violations.
  • The deputy shall assume control of any emergency situation which they respond to.
  • A deputy shall be responsible for apprehending traffic violators upon a roadway and public places within the county.
  • A deputy shall issue citations and warnings on forms provided by the Office to traffic violators when, in their opinion, such action is appropriate.
  • A deputy shall regulate traffic on highways when such action is necessary to facilitate the movement of vehicles or pedestrians.
  • A deputy shall investigate all traffic accidents that are observed or assigned unless directed otherwise of Office policy. The deputy shall conduct a complete inquiry into the accident and attempt to ascertain the cause or causes of the accident.
  • The deputy shall complete all reports required of them and forward them to the on-duty supervisor within the time prescribed of Office procedures.
  • The deputy shall complete all reports in a manner that can be easily read and understood. The deputy shall complete all items required and include all necessary and pertinent information.
  • The deputy shall strive to eliminate all errors in spelling and grammar when submitting any written material.
  • All reports shall be concise, complete and without conjecture.
  • All dictated reports shall be complete and conform to the procedure on the dictation of reports.


  • High school diploma or general education degree (GED) and one to three months related experience and/or training.
  • Specific duty assignments may require additional education and experience.
  • Must have an Oregon driver’s license.
  • Requires current Police Basic Certification by the Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST) or out-of-state equivalent.
  • Must be at least 21 years of age.
  • US Citizen.