Deputy In Training

Brooksville, FL
Hernando County Sheriff's Office

Salary: $49,000.00.

Position Summary:

Under the direct supervision of the Division Commander or designee, performs a variety of limited administrative, informational, investigative and traffic related tasks. This is a paraprofessional, civilian position designed to relieve sworn law enforcement personnel from certain designated calls and functions. Employees of this class may be assigned to work in a variety of organizational components such as Patrol, Court Security, Crime Prevention, or Traffic. The Deputy in Training functions as a specially trained, quasi-law enforcement officer performing services that do not require law enforcement or regulatory authority. Work is reviewed through conferences, activity reports, written reports, inspections, and observations of results obtained. Performs duties as assigned. This position requires a Deputy in Training be eligible for a certified law enforcement position within two years of employment.

Essential Functions:

  1. Works an assigned shift at a designated location of the Sheriff’s Office. Assists walk-in citizens with various cases and information. Prepares necessary paperwork for a variety of incidents. Answers telephone to give assistance and/or routing to the proper station. Inspects vehicles cited for faulty equipment and prepares VIN and Odometer Verification forms.
  2. Responds to non-emergency calls for service (i.e. recovered/lost property, abandoned vehicles, citizen assistance, etc.); writes all necessary reports and follow-ups as required. Investigates minor traffic accidents, directs traffic at accident scenes, and assists in the regulation of traffic during special events. Answers subpoenas and testifies in court when necessary. Issues parking and water restriction violation warnings.
  3. Operates metal detector for concealed weapons or explosive devices in a courtroom.
  4. Performs various other law enforcement duties of a non-criminal nature as required.


  • High school diploma or GED.
  • Possession of a valid State of Florida driver license.
  • 20/20 Vision (with or without correction).
  • Crawl ten yards.
  • Drag, lift or carry 150 pounds 25 feet.
  • Run 100 yards unassisted.
  • Scale a five-foot fence.
  • Walk unassisted.
  • Hearing: normal language level (assisted/unassisted).