Culpeper, VA
Culpeper County Sheriff's Office

Salary: $55,000.00 – $85,654.61 Annually.

Position Summary:

Responsible for performing law enforcement work in order to preserve public peace, to protect lives, property and rights of the public, and to enforce statutory law and municipal ordinances.

Responsible for providing law enforcement services to the jail to preserve public peace, protect lives, and rights of the public. Supervises inmates and oversees the safety of the jail population and anyone visiting the jail. Trains staff in essential job duties.

Essential Functions:

  • Patrols County streets, highways, and neighborhoods to deter crime or apprehend and/or arrest violators or suspects; responding to calls for law enforcement assistance; investigating traffic accidents and enforcing traffic regulations; and gathering information for criminal investigations
  • Serves a wide range of civil papers/documents including warrants, subpoenas, summons, garnishments, etc.
  • Monitors radio calls; communicates with radio dispatcher; responds to complaints, reports of criminal events, requests for law enforcement assistance and to reported domestic or public disputes; inspects troublesome areas and checks security of business establishments
  • Supervises all subordinate deputies
  • Respond to emergency medical calls and assist citizens until EMS can arrive
  • Respond to mental health crisis calls and utilize verbal communications (CIT) with ranging ages of citizens
  • Jail transports, assists with transports for other deputies when there are multiple arrests at a scene.
  • Ensures the activities of the jail are conducted in an orderly fashion and that inmates in the jail behave appropriately; Deputy takes appropriate action with inmates who become disruptive to other inmates and staff
  • Deputy participation involves, but is not limited to: booking and releasing inmates, maintaining security of the facility, escorting inmates within and /or outside the secure confines of the jail
  • Monitor activity of the inmates, inspecting cells, and reporting infractions accordingly
  • Serves as FTO, Firearms Instructor, Defense Tactics Instructor, Taser Instructor, and other general classes helping the jail to operate effectively


  • Education equivalent to a high school diploma and completion of a law enforcement academy.
  • Must pass the State Basic Law Enforcement test and maintain DCJS certification and firearms usage.
  • Must pass a mandated physical examination.
  • Must not be a convicted criminal.
  • Must pass a background investigation.
  • Must possess a valid Virginia driver’s license.