Deputized Police Officer

St. Louis, MO
Washington University in St. Louis

Salary: $24.97 – $38.71 / Hourly.

Position Summary:

The work of the commissioned police officer involves responsibility for the protection of life and property, prevention of crime, apprehension of criminals and the general enforcement of laws, ordinances, and University policies. Duties normally consist of routine patrol, preliminary investigation and traffic regulation. Police officers also may be assigned duties as Corporals, detectives, evidence technicians, field training officers, firearms instructors, RAD instructors or special response team officers. Work involves an element of personal danger. The employee must be able to exercise sound independent judgment under stress. Assignments may include work on special tasks, which call upon specialized abilities and knowledge possessed by the officer. Work assignments can be general or specific and instructions are received from a supervisor who reviews work methods and results through reports, personal inspection and discussion.

Essential Functions:

  • Performs preventive patrol in assigned beat.
  • Continually observes for criminal activity, safety hazards, traffic violations, persons needing assistance, etc.
  • Becomes and remains familiar with patrol beats, geographic locations, known offenders, neighborhood routines, potential problem areas.
  • Conducts security inspections and surveys of buildings and businesses and makes recommendations regarding security, etc.
  • Makes presentations to groups and individuals on subjects related to the job’s tasks and functions.
  • Handles complaints made by the public.
  • Observes for, detects and investigates violations of laws, ordinances and University policies and documents those actions for future use.
  • Conducts interviews and interrogations of victims, witnesses, suspects and offenders.
  • Conducts searches of person, vehicles, places and things.
  • Identifies and arrests offenders, including subduing resistive arrestees.
  • Seeks and serves arrest warrants, search warrants and other court documents.
  • Assists prosecutors in the preparation of cases for trial.
  • Appears and testifies in court, juvenile hearings, at deposition sessions and similar proceedings.
  • Enforces traffic and parking laws, including driving under the influence detection and apprehension.
  • Controls, regulates and directs vehicular and pedestrian traffic.
  • Investigates traffic accidents, including protecting the scene, aiding the injured, controlling traffic, clearing the scene, determining the cause, preparing reports and diagrams.
  • Assists disabled motorists.


  • Must be currently certified as a Police Officer in a 1st Class County in Missouri; or be currently enrolled in a certified police academy to obtain certification as a Police Office in a 1st Class County in Missouri; or if candidate is from out of state, provide documentation from the Missouri POST Commission certifying the candidate is eligible to be tested for the position of Police Officer in a 1st Class County in Missouri.
  • Applicants in an academy or from out of state must obtain their certification prior to their start date.
  • An Associate’s degree or 64 semester credit hours from an accredited university or college – both require a cumulative average letter grade of “C” or a cumulative GPA of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale or equivalent; or High school diploma or equivalent high school certification with eighteen months full-time prior police experience or two years military service.
  • Must possess a valid Missouri or Illinois driver’s license by date of employment. Must be free from conviction of a Felony or Class “A” Misdemeanor. US Citizen. 21 years of age. Must be able to pass a physical agility test.

Preferred Requirements:

  • One year experience (after academy) as certified Police Officer.
  • The ideal candidate will have a strong background in public speaking and interaction with the public, a commitment to community policing with an emphasis on customer service, and a desire to contribute and provide leadership within the WUPD.
  • The ideal candidates will also have a strong ability to establish rapport with members of a diverse campus community, establishing partnerships and exchange of ideas and information used to address campus community concerns.