Denver Police Officer Recruit

Denver, CO
Denver Police Department

2023 Denver Police Salary
Top pay (Police Officer 1st Grade) is achieved in three years and six months.

  • Police Officer Recruit: $66,227
    Salary is day one of the academy up to academy graduation.
  • Police Officer 4th Grade: $71,322
    First year after academy graduation.
  • Police Officer 3rd Grade: $76,416
    Second year after academy graduation anniversary date.
  • Police Officer 2nd Grade: $81,511
    Third year after academy graduation anniversary date.
  • Police Officer 1st Grade: $101,889
    Fourth year after academy graduation anniversary date. Top level pay.

Other Ranks and Salaries
Technician: $109,021
Detective / Corporal: $112,077
Sergeant: $122,266
Lieutenant: $139,587


  • All patrol districts are on ten hour shifts with three consecutive days off
  • Full salary and benefits start day one of the Denver Police Academy
  • Longevity pay starts at five years
  • The availability to work various off duty assignments for extra pay
  • Vacation starts at 112 hours per year
  • 144 hours of sick leave per year
  • ASL (Accumulated Sick Leave) – after five years of employment, unused sick time can be built up to a saved bank of 144 hours which can be used as additional vacation time
  • Shift Vote is once per year. You vote for your shift and vacation in November and start in January of the next calendar year. The shift and vacation you vote for are yours for the calendar year
  • Civil Service testing for promotion rank (Sergeant and Lieutenant)
  • Excellent Benefits Package
  • Retirement options at the end of your career
  • Defined Benefit Pension Plan
  • The rule of 80
  • D.R.O.P (Deferred Retirement Option Plan)
  • Available 457 savings plan
  • Opportunity to transfer to a variety of career options such as the Strategic Investigations Bureau, Traffic Operations Section, Training Section, Special Operations Bureau, and/or various assignments in community relations after your initial patrol assignment
  • All uniforms and most officer equipment are provided at no cost
  • A new bullet resistant vest is provided every five years
  • Yearly Uniform Allowance
  • Support of our employee organizations to assist you before you become a Denver Police Officer and during your career
  • Denver Police Protective Association (Our Police Union)
  • Denver Black Police Officer Organization
  • Denver Police National Latino Police Officers Association