Corrections Officer

Kearney, NE
Buffalo County Sheriff's Office

Salary: $21.54 per hour.

Open until filled

Position Summary:

Under general supervision, a Corrections Officer performs work in and supervises inmates of the Buffalo County Jail. The work involves the performance and direction of correctional activities on a scheduled shift and the care of inmates in accordance with applicable state and federal laws and guidelines.

Essential Functions:

  • Practices good public relations in accordance with policy.
  • Observes cameras, control panels, opens doors, and responds to alarms according to policy.
  • Books and releases inmates into and out of the facility as instructed, trained, and directed.
  • Allows only authorized individuals to pass through the institution.
  • Uses the bond schedule correctly and writes bonds and receipts without errors.
  • Processes money from the inmates and the public, records the transaction correctly on the proper forms, places the money in the appropriate location, and has the receipts signed and delivered to the appropriate individuals.
  • Keeps their assigned work areas neat, clean, and well organized.
  • Correctly enters appropriate documentation into the computer.
  • Observes and documents inmate behavior, is alert for problems and changes, and notifies the supervisors as necessary.
  • Performs thorough pat-searches of inmates according to training.
  • Performs thorough strip-searches of inmates according to training.
  • Performs thorough searches of inmates’ living units according to training.


  • Age of 21 years or older.
  • High school graduate or GED.
  • Valid Nebraska driver’s license.
  • No felony or serious misdemeanor convictions.
  • No convictions for driving while intoxicated or related offenses in the past 24 months.
  • Must be of good moral character.
  • Must be able to read, write, and understand the English language at the eleventh grade level.
  • Must be able to type at a minimum of twenty (20) words per minute.
  • Must be able to achieve basic certification as a Corrections Officer by the state within one year of appointment.
  • Must be able to pass a physical examination as required by the Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center.
  • Must be able to successfully pass a polygraph examination.
  • Must be able to successfully pass a drug screen test and psychological test.

Preferred Requirements:

  • Since Corrections Officers are required to report any violation of the law and they are exposed to certain temptations to show favoritism, corruption, or unlawful monetary gain, it is a “business necessity” that officers exhibit a history of characteristics of honesty, reliability, ability to manage personal finances, interpersonal skill, and integrity.
  • Additionally, Corrections Officers are frequently placed in a position of physical and mental stress. All hires will be required to pass a psychological as well as a physical exam – both of which are designed to test your ability to perform the essential functions of this job as outlined above. Applicants posing a substantial risk of injury to themselves, other officers, and the public are at a disadvantage in the hiring process.
  • Must meet the guidelines and rules set forth in the Buffalo County Employee Manual.