Corrections Officer

Shelbyville, TN
Bedford County Sheriff

Position Summary:

The Corrections Officer is responsible for maintaining the security of the jail by supervising the inmates and following the established policies and procedures, all while protecting the rights of the inmates. Instructions to the employee are specific however independent judgement is sometimes used to complete assigned tasks. The employee is required to learn and implement safety procedures and policies. The employee reports immediately to the Bedford County Jail Division Shift Sergeant and is under the direction of the Bedford County Jail Division Administrator and under the overall direction of the Bedford County Sheriff.

Essential Functions:

  • Supervises inmates and maintains a high level of security within the jail
  • Supervision of inmates and inmate activity in detention facilities
  • Completes the receiving and processing of all new inmates.
  • Searches all inmates coming to and leaving the jail facility.
  • Maintains the jail log and records as directed.
  • Conducts head counts and welfare checks as directed.
  • Makes periodic walk through checks, security checks of all inmate living quarters and common areas, reporting findings in a log.
  • Inspects all security devices within his or her control at least once during their shift and records results in the log.
  • Reports any damage of jail property to the Shift Sergeant assigned and reports findings in a log.
  • Requests necessary supplies needed to maintain the facility from the Shift Sergeant.
  • Fills out and delivers all disciplinary reports and grievances to the Shift Sergeant.
  • Complete all inmate records and requests and delivers to Shift Sergeant assigned.
  • Reviews the jail log, previous shift reports and notice logs before assuming duty to update themselves on the current jail activities and problems occurring during the previous shift(s).
  • Conducts shakedown inspections as directed.
  • Uses minimum force necessary to maintain inmate security, officer security, and jail facility security.
  • Supervises the cleaning of inmate living quarters and common areas during their shift.
  • Ensures that inmates practice good personal hygiene, to include the passing out of clean clothing and personal hygiene items as needed.
  • Supervise the feeding of inmates.
  • Supervise the delivery of medication to inmates
  • Supervise scheduled inmate activities and programs.
  • Acts as unarmed escort for low risk inmate movements.
  • Acts as back-up officer anywhere in or out of the jail as directed.
  • Make recommendations to the Shift Sergeant regarding changes in inmate security classifications and conditions.


  • High school diploma or GED; completed or ability to complete the Basic Correctional Officer training program within the first year of employment; prior experience preferred.
  • Effectively communicate with superiors and inmates.
  • Basic math skills i.e., headcounts, timesheets.
  • When communicating with inmates, ability to follow the policies and procedures.
  • Able to write reports accurately; must be at least 18 years old; must have a valid Tennessee driver’s license, must be a citizen of the United States.